Summer Spa-cation!

Sabrina Spa Notes

A common topic of conversation as we come upon and dip into summertime is vacation, vacation, vacation. Where are you going? When are you going? How are you going? All of the things vacation! Even if you don’t have children, summertime just seems like a natural time to take a break. But what happens if you don’t have time to get away? Whether work, the kid’s schedules, or out of town visitors are keeping you from leaving Houston this summer, Sanctuary Spa has some great options for a spa-cation.

Ultimate Spa-cation
Spa-cation Itinerary: 45 minute Dead Sea Salt Scrub, 90 minute Sanctuary Signature Massage, 60 minute Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial or Men’s Debonair Facial

Start your time at the spa with a Dead Sea Salt Scrub in our Vichy shower room. This mixture of dead sea salts, massage oil and essential oils is exactly what you need for complete exfoliation from neck to toe. The renewal is complete with the Vichy shower which will rinse away your dead skin cells and the elixir, leaving you with glowing skin! After your scrub, head to your 90 minute Sanctuary Signature Massage. 90 minutes truly is a game changer for your massage time. Of course, any amount of time will give you much needed relief. But when you are able to designate the full 90 minutes, your massage therapist is able to truly and meticulously work every muscle and give you the ultimate relaxation! End your spa-cation with an amazing 60 minute Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial or Debonair Facial. Our Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial utilizes Source Vital Apothecary products. Your esthetician will customize the products used based on your skin care needs and goals. Coupled with extractions and facial massage, this facial will be the cherry on top of your amazing time at the spa. Looking for some hot towel action, some care and attention paid to your bear or facial hair, go with the Debonair Facial. Another great way to end your Ultimate Spa-cation.

Detox Kickstart
Spa-cation Itinerary: Seaweed Wrap, Infusion Tub, 45 minute Sanctuary Signature Massage plus 45 minute G5 Cellulite Therapy

Summer is a great time to start a complete detox and refresh your entire body. This spa-cation itinerary begins with a decadent Seaweed Wrap. The Laminaria Algae Powder and Fango Scrub combine to provide relief of cellulite, skin hydration and Infusion Tubexfoliation. The products will definitely offer a feeling of balance and purity, and the service itself will elevate and amplify that feeling. Wrapped in thermal heated sheets and a thick blanket, you’ll be given the opportunity to meditate with the relaxing spa music in the background. A wonderful time to fully reconnect with yourself and commit to a future of self-care and self-love. The service ends with a relaxing Vichy water treatment to rinse off the seaweed wrap mixture. To continue on your detox journey, follow your wrap with an Infusion Tub service. Imagine a personal jacuzzi, complete with warm water and bubbling jets. Best of all, the therapist will add an elixir of your choice. If detox is your goal, algae & dead sea salts will combine with fluid reduction oil to stimulate your skin, increasing circulation and reducing bloating while smoothing texture. After 25 minutes of this service, you may be wanting to slip away to sleep. But, if you’re interested in completing a full service detox spa day, continue with a Sanctuary Signature Massage and G-5 Cellulite Massage. The G-5 massage is performed with our G-5 machine, enhancing the ability for the therapist to go deep in their massage and provide skin toning, body contouring and lymphatic drainage. The Sanctuary Signature Massage portion will help bring a transcendent experience to your spa-cation day.

New Moon, New Beginnings
Spa-cation Itinerary: 90 minute Sanctuary Signature Massage & Minkyti Facial

Ready to rid yourself of some stale energy? Venturing into some new territory or looking to start fresh? Our 90 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage will give you the relaxation you need to melt the stress and negative energy away. Our talented Sanctuary Spa Massage Therapymassage therapists will use a combination of different massage modalities to match your concerns and goals. Many of our massages include some combination of Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish and Deep Tissue. No need for you to worry about any of these “technical” terms, simply show up, complete your intake consultation form, and let your massage therapist understand your goals. They’ll take it from there to deliver the massage of your dreams. From there, move on to our Minkyti facial. At 90 minutes, this service offers amazing relief and cleansing. Wonderful for hydrating skin and highlighting the vibrant skin within, this facial includes acupressure and connective tissue massage, ensuring your skin gets what it needs to shine bright. The service also includes a brief meditative session, perfect for setting your intentions for your next big thing and stepping forward into the positive energy awaiting you.

Of course, a spa-cation is also great to get ready for your vacation or to bring friends visiting you! Any reason to get some self-care time in works!

Vacay Recovery
Spa-cation Itinerary: Infusion Tub, 60 minute Sanctuary Signature Massage & 60 minute Microdermabrasion Facial

Even if you’ve had the chance to getaway for your own vacation outside of Houston, a spa-cation is exactly what you need to get back into the swing of your everyday life. An Infusion Tub is great way to kick off your spa-cation. With four different elixirs to choose from, you can customize the ingredients to match your needs. Our skin softening and hydrating elixir is great to provide added moisture to your skin, much needed after travel. If you spent a lot of time on the journey, planes, trains and automobiles style, our Sports elixir is perfect to relieve any soreness or tenderness of your muscles. Follow this services with a 60 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage. The infusion tub will have worked some magic to get your muscles warm and ready for the massage therapist to work out any remaining tension. End your spa-cation with our Microdermabrasion facial. Specifically, rid yourself of any dead and flaking skin and stimulate your blood flowto aid in producing more collagen. This facial also fights sun damage and hyperpigmentation and can aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines. You’ll leave with a youthful appearance of your skin matching the youthful feel of your body after all the tension has been released.


Whatever your reason or your goals, Sanctuary Spa is ready to help you plan your self-care spa-cation to make the most of your summertime in Houston! Call us today at 713-622-7722 to plan your spa-cation!