Hydrotherapy, Wraps, and Scrubs Paul

Unfortunately, due to COVID, we are unable to offer our hydrotherapy, wraps, or scrubs.

“Naturopathic” hydrotherapy is how we think of our work at Sanctuary Spa.

Our belief in the therapeutic use of hot and cold applications of water to the body for a period of time has a profound effect on the quality of one’s health. Hydrotherapy is the application of water in any form either externally or internally, for the treatment and maintenance of health.

Baths and Showers

Vichy Shower

The Vichy Shower is quintessential hydrotherapy, which promotes wellness and healing. Vichy is known to increase circulation through the body, oxygenate the blood, decrease joint pain, relief muscle pain, reduce muscle spasm and cramps, reduces nervous stress, and promotes relaxation, rest and recovery. Choose which Vichy Shower you would like - Contrasting (Alternating temperature shower to oxygenate & detoxify blood. Excellent for devitalized body, low energy and stress) or Relaxation (Warm water (93-97 degrees) for deep relaxation. Feel the stress melt from your body and be relieved afterwards).
25 Minutes

Relaxing Vichy $85

Infusion Tub Therapy $85

Great for a variety of issues and a plus for your general well-being. Choose between 4 different versions of tub therapy - Relaxation, Lymphatic Drainage/Detox, Sports, and Skin Softening & Hydrating. Your therapist will concoct a personalized bath elixir to meet your needs and ensure a refreshing and amazing experience. Learn more about our Infusion Tub Therapies
25 min

Body Wraps

Seaweed Wrap $135

This seaweed body wrap will re-mineralize and detox the body. Very relaxing and excellent for stress-reduction, as well as, various skin conditions such as dryness, rash, and/or flaking. Formerly Kombu Blankette.
60 Minutes

Mud Wrap $135

A organic mud originating from unpolluted protected forest reserves in Northern Europe. Results from a body wrap with our organic silt will result in improved skin metabolism, plumped skin layers, healthier blood and regeneration of the skin’s immune system. It is known to remove metal ions, bacteria, fungi, toxins and microflora from the skin. This mud is a carrier of energy, substance, and information on a cellular level. Formerly Peloid Blankette.
60 Minutes


Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salts are combined with algae extracts and essential oils to hydrate and exfoliate the body. Increases sluggish circulation, improves digestion and elimination, general body weakness, and poor resistance to disease and infection. Makes the skin feel superb.

45 Minutes $115
30 Minutes $95

Akasuri Scrub $135

Akasuri tones and restores vitality to skin by first cleansing the pores of the body with a relaxing warm Vichy Treatment and skin brushing. Then, any remaining bacteria, dirt, and dead skin cells are whisked away during a vigorous scrub that will leave you feeling remarkably smooth and clean. Akasuri, which is itself a Japanese word meaning red (aka) and to rub (suru). Though it may leave your skin looking a bit red at first, the brisk exfoliation will promote increased circulation, stimulate the lymph system, and cleanse your skin as never before. Learn more about Akasuri Scrub
60 Minutes


Hair and Scalp Treatment $30

Seaweed is an excellent way to treat various scalp concerns you may have, including dandruff and itchy scalp. This enhancement includes a natural shampoo, a hydrating and nourishing treatment, a seaweed/algae poultice, and a natural oil conditioner. This enhancement is available to those getting a Vichy Shower, scrub or a wrap.