Welcome to Sanctuary Spa Houston.

Nestled between iconic Houston neighborhoods River Oaks and Montrose, Sanctuary Spa is one of the first day spas founded in the United States. Since 1984, customers have enjoyed a rejuvenating experience through our aromatherapeutic and holistic health approach.

Sanctuary’s award winning spa services, which include facials, massage, bodywork, hair removal, and hydrotherapy (among others), have been featured in Vogue, Allure, Time Magazine, Travel & Leisure, and many more.

Escape your everyday life and begin your journey to relaxation, nourishment, and restoration. Visit the tranquility of Sanctuary today and get away.

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Welcome to Sanctuary Spa, the Best Day Spa in Houston.

Sanctuary's Award Winning Spa Services

We rescue you from the stress of current life and help you recover with amazing skin and body services. Our therapists soothe, balance and renew with progressive treatments and services that are inspired by natural plant and flower essences and holistic health practices.

Facials and Skin Care

Love your skin. Be our guest for one of our luxurious facials where our expert estheticians will listen to your needs and choose the perfect combination of our natural, essential oil based products to nurture your face.


Massage and Bodywork

Relax and revitalize your body. Our therapists are expertly trained to understand body mechanics and how muscles’ pain and spasm are related to specific points and insertions. Let us restore your inner peace.


Hydrotherapy, Wraps & Scrubs

Rest, recover, renew, restore. Experience our “naturopathic” hydrotherapy for your treatment and maintenance of health. Experience one of our body wraps or scrubs to improve skin look, feel and circulation.


Hair Removal / Waxing

Remove unwanted hair. We use safe, yet effective, products for your skin, whether you’re looking for permanent or temporary solutions, our experienced technicians can customize the treatment for your area of treatment.


Book Your Appointment Online Today

With our online booking, you can find a date and time that matches your schedule and choose services and technicians. Want to talk with someone to go over treatment selections? Call us at 713-622-7722 and we’ll be happy to schedule your appointment for you.

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14 Jul 2022

Summer Skincare Tips

Sanctuary Spa Estheticians Share Summer Skincare Tips We hope that you are having all of the fun this summer! Are you traveling, visiting the park, or heading to the beach every weekend? Wherever you might be this summer, we are here to help with your skincare routine for healthy skin. It is so easy to get caught up in all of the fun that this wonderful season has to offer, but the change in season can often cause your skin to change as well. Knowing what products to use and what products to avoid this Summer will help you keep your skin on the right track! Two of our estheticians shared their favorite summer products with us. Keep reading for…
28 Jun 2022

Acne Treatment Healing Journey

We chatted with our amazing senior esthetician, Jill, to get some great tips for acne treatment. June is Acne Awareness Month. Use this guide to start your acne healing process, both in-spa and at home. We started with Jill explaining some basics about acne. Acne is a common skin condition that typically affects people ages 11-30. Of course, it can appear at any age. Acne occurs when the pores of your skin become blocked by hair, sebum, bacteria or dead skin cells. There are many factors that cause acne. Some factors are hormonal changes, diet, stress or simply genetics. There are also different types of acne. The most common types of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, papules and pustules. Starting with…
17 Jun 2022

Father's Day gift guide

What will you be gifting dad? The day to show the special men in our lives a bit of extra love is nearing! Celebrate Father's Day with the best gift! How will you be celebrating those wonderful, hard working and caring men? Our team narrowed down to a few “dad types” in our lives. We put together some wonderful gift boxes to show your appreciation with the best Father's day gift. Every day these men wake up and head to work to make sure that their family is taken care of. They still get home with warm hugs and love to go all around! We created these boxes along with service recommendations to give them a bit of that pampering,…
5 May 2022

Benefits of a Sanctuary Spa Signature Massage

Massage therapy offers a lot of great benefits for the mind, body and soul. Have you experienced the wonders of a Sanctuary Spa Signature massage? Keep reading to understand the massage benefits and our Sanctuary Spa Signature massage elevations. Plus, learn how to choose your massage times based on the benefits. We guarantee that you will want to run to schedule a massage! What are the benefits of massage therapy? Let's start out with the benefits: stress relief and relaxation are what most of us think about when we hear the word "massage". There are so many benefits that massage therapy brings. Improving circulation, energy and alertness, reducing pain, muscle soreness and tension are just a few. With reducing stress and…

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Our lines are safe and effective. They're based in plant extracts and botanicals and either natural or naturally-derived.