Massage and Bodywork Paul

Whether it is stress, cellulite or general soreness, our treatments offer a holistic opportunity for you to unwind and renew.

Your body care concerns are heard. Our therapists are expertly trained to understand body mechanics and how muscles pain and spasms are related to specific points and insertions. Care given while you are here will restore inner peace and deep relaxation.

MASSAGE REDUCES STRESS…and so much more.

Techniques used by our therapist include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, and Lymphatic. Each session can be one or the other or a combination of different techniques.

Sanctuary's Signature Massage

A consultative approach to massage. Our technicians will develop a massage service for you that mixes Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymphatic, and/or Sports Massage based on your likes, issues, and needs.

120 Minutes $215
90 Minutes $170
75 Minutes $150
60 Minutes $130
45 Minutes $110
30 Minutes $89


Couple's Signature Massage

Enjoy your spa experience with your favorite person! Sanctuary Spa offers a cozy couple's room where can each enjoy your service. Our therapists will consult with both of you and tailor your massage experience to what each of you want and need, side-by-side in the same room.

90 Minutes $340
75 Minutes $300
60 Minutes $260
45 Minutes $220
Prenatal Massage

Tailored specifically to the needs of pregnant women and their changing bodies, this massage will relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation and mobility, and just make you feel good. Our therapists are trained to adjust their techniques; they understand positioning during your massage is critical to the safety and well-being of both you and your baby. Offered through the second and third trimester only.

75 Minutes $150
60 Minutes $130
Membership Massage $119/month

This massage is for those who are part of our Membership Program. Members can choose a massage (or facial) for 50 minutes or less each month, including our Signature Massage which is tailored for your likes, needs and wants. Beyond one service per month, members also get discounts on enhancements, free products, birthday perks, and more. Ask your massage therapist about our program or click above.

G5 Cellulite Massage Therapy

Simultaneously produces vibratory and percussion massage, which is great for poor circulation. This two-force action, when combined with the therapist’s directional stroking, is effective in dislodging and mobilizing secretions and metabolic by-products.

60 MINUTES $135
45 MINUTES $115

Enhance Your Massage

Back Scrub $50

This scrub is the perfect add on for any massage, especially if you’re experiencing back acne. Exfoliation (removal of dead skin cells) is done using a special Sea salt and silt poultice. A deep back cleansing is performed followed by additional massage.

Collagen Eye Mask $25
Collagen Eye Mask $25

Add a luxurious nano gold, diamond, rose quartz or black pearl mask during your massage to pamper your skin, by firming, lifting and hydrating it.

Collagen Face Mask $50
Collagen Lip Mask $30
Collagen Neck & Décolleté Mask $75
Hand and Foot Treatment $65

The perfect hand and foot treatment for any massage. Includes a hand and foot scrub, hand and foot massage and advanced hydration techniques.

Hot Stones $45

Add hot stones to your massage to help work those muscles more quickly and efficiently. Your therapist will incorporate the hot stones as needed to amplify your massage, addressing your area of concern. The heat from the stones helps to melt away tension and muscle stiffness so your therapist can provide deep relaxation.

Sports Pack $55

A perfect upgrade for athletes and those with soreness and pain from exercise. The Sports Pack includes enhanced stretching techniques, massage via mentholated poultice balls that reach deep into sore aching muscles to produce deep relaxation and stress relief, and the application of natural products formulated for sports related aches and pains. Available on massages 75 minutes and shorter.

Stress Relief Backpack $55

Warmed black silt (mud) and fango mud to de-stress and detox the back. This fabulous back pack is left on the back for 20 additional minutes to enhance your favorite massage for the added benefits of minerals, hydration, healing, and detoxification.