Back to School … Back to Spa

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Back and shoulder massage

August in Texas means 2 things to me → SO MUCH HEAT!! And Back to School! While there isn’t much to do about the heat (except escape it by staying indoors as much as possible or jump in the nearest pool) there is plenty to do to prepare for back to school … like have some back to spa time!!

Whether you’re a parent like me and have been running around all summer focused on which camp your kids are going to or figuring out the next vacation/staycation plans
– OR–
You’re a teacher (or superhero, as I like to a call you!) and have spent the summer either enjoying some classroom free days or tied up in yet another in-service or summer school,
– OR–
You’re a student about to return to the grind of classes and homework … please take this moment NOW and plan some spa time. Think of it as a little self-care escape to tend to your needs!

We have three suggestions for great services to schedule before school starts so you’ll feel refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world! Even better, these services can work for you – no matter if you only have 45-minutes, 3-hours or somewhere in between available.

  1. Sea Salt Scrub
    Our Sea Salt Scrub service is the perfect body treatment for sloughing off all those dead skin cells, ensuring you feel refreshed, glowy and ready to face the new school year. Our Vichy Shower Room, what we call a “wet room,” is decked out with wall to wall tiles, a waterproof treatment bed centered in the middle of the room, and a Vichy shower system that includes six shower heads that span the length of your body. It feels like a gentle rain-like massage that treats head-to-toe – talk about ultimate relaxation!

    We often get asked, “What should I bring with me?” The answer, nothing in particular, we have you covered! Literally! We offer disposable boxers, panties and bras. We always drape as appropriate and the lights are low. However, as with any spa service, it is all about your comfort level. If you prefer, you’re more than welcome to bring a bathing suit from home. To maximize the service, we’d recommend a speedo or short trunks for men and a bikini or tankini for women, so that we can exfoliate as much of your body as possible.

    Once you’re settled comfortably on the bed, your technician will begin vigorously and methodically rubbing the Sea Salt elixir all over your body. With every scrub, feel the old skin being shed, making way for the fresh shiny skin underneath. This elixir contains 100% pure Dead Sea Salts, which are rich in therapeutic minerals such as bromide and magnesium. We pair these salts with Algae Extract and Stress Relief Essential Oil blend, an amazing combination that hydrates your skin, and smooths any rough elbows or cracked heels to reveal a plumped, healthy look, while also calming other skin irritations and your senses.

    TIP: When the Vichy shower part starts, think of every drop of water hitting your skin as clearing away the old so you can start fresh.

    Vichy Shower at Sanctuary SPA HOUSTON

  2. Massage
    At only 30 minutes, this service is awesome if you truly don’t have that much time OR if you’re able to commit the time to enjoy multiple services, this treatment is an amazing way to start your spa day! Need more than 30-minutes to get prepared for the upcoming months? I recommend a 90-minute massage to really get your mind and body ready to take on the semester!

    Most people opt for 60-minutes and, for sure, if it’s 60-minutes or nothing, take it! But, if you happen to carry stress in your shoulders, work out a lot and you have the time, make your appointment for as many minutes as you can.

    At Sanctuary Spa, we offer 3 types of massages:
    Sanctuary Spa Signature Massage in increments of 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90-minutes
    Prenatal Massage in increments of 45 and 60-minutes, and
    G-5 Cellulite Massage for 45-minutes.

    I’m going to focus on the Sanctuary Signature Massage for our back to school recommendation.Rather than make you read and think about all the different massage modalities, then compare those to your personal concerns, and expect you to figure out the perfect type of massage for you, we offer a consultative massage service. You’ll have the chance to describe how your body is feeling, identify any concerns you may have, tell us about your routines, and share your history with our educated massage therapists and leave it to them to prescribe your treatment. Many times, that won’t just be one type of massage, but instead a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy massage types pinpointed to whatever is right for you. We have a results-oriented team who will listen to your goals and provide you the best massage so that you’ll be ready to take on whatever comes your way!

    Massage Therapy

    At Sanctuary Spa, we begin each service with an aromatherapy connection. Once you are settled in your treatment bed, the technician will pick a scent based on the consultation you’ve had. Euphoria and Breathe Easy are 2 of my favorites! When my body is healthy, but my mind is racing… perhaps I’m thinking about the long list of things I have to do next… Euphoria truly does calm my mind and soul. On the other hand, many times in this crazy Houston weather, my sinuses are acting up for some reason or another. On those days, Breathe Easy helps relieve any congestion, so by the end of my massage I can truly breathe easier.

    Want to accomplish some multitasking in the spa too? We also offer Knesko natural collagen masks – whether you want to address dry, chapped lips, fine lines under your eyes, or infusing your skin with some extra hydration while calming any irritations on your face, neck and décolleté, we have a mask for you! Generally, our massages start face-down, when you turn over the technician can apply your chosen face mask so your skin can soak up the powerful polypeptides and antioxidants while you enjoy the rest of your massage.

    With this massage, you’ll leave the spa walking on clouds!

    TIP: Remember to drink plenty of water the day of your service!

  3. Brea’s Restorative Facial
    Able to take an afternoon to focus on self-care and ensure you’re ready for those parent-teacher-student meet & greets? Or prefer to just focus on your face? Our Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial is amazing from start to finish. While we offer the facial in increments of 45, 60, and 75-minutes, as with our massage times – the longer you can reserve the better! If you’re coupling this facial with a massage and time is a premium, the 60 or 45-minute facial will accomplish what you need.Escape the everyday with this restorative facial that harkens back to signature touches from our founder, Brea Gratia. While she is living her best life in Asheville, North Carolina (if you’re in the area, stay at one of her cabins or try to reserve an appointment with her at Virtu), we are ensuring her legacy in Houston lives and grows!

    Again, this facial is catered to your skin type and your skin concerns. We use natural, plant-based products from Source Vitál Apothecary that are packed with beneficial essential oils. Whether you have normal, dry, oily or combination skin, the cleansers, toners, masks, and serums chosen will be designed to leave you with your best glowy skin.

    In addition to all the normal steps of a facial, the Signature Restorative facial uses specific facial massage techniques designed to stimulate blood flow, helping to increase collagen production and leaving skin with that unbeatable healthy natural glow.With the 75-minute service you’ll also get a few minutes of foot massage as well as a few moments to meditate. Yes! I said meditate. Some guests are curious as to why we incorporate these minutes within the facial, maybe even sometimes wondering if the time would be more beneficial spent adding another serum?! At Sanctuary Spa, we really believe that to guide you on your path to your best body and skin, our services should address the whole you, body, mind and spirit.

    Chronic stress can accelerate aging, so whether you are coming in for a facial, massage or hydrotherapy session, we want to do everything we can to release you from your everyday stress. So, on your next visit, when your esthetician steps out, instead of mentally going through your to-do list (or wondering what the esthetician is possibly doing during those few minutes), use the time be fully present in the moment.

    TIP: Listen to your breath coming in and out, mentally scan through each of your body parts and ensure every muscle is relaxed. And if none of that works for you, then yes take the time to set your intentions for the day or the week ahead. Check in on yourself and your new goals for the school year. Whatever you spend your time contemplating, congratulate yourself for taking this time to take care of you!

We look forward to seeing you soon for your next appointment. Call us today at 713.622.7722 or reserve your spot online. Mention this blog or the promo code Back2School5 to receive a 5% discount on your back to school, back to spa services. We are here to answer any questions you may have, so please give us a call.

Cheers to an amazing start to this semester!