7 Meaningful Ways to Take Care of Your Body After Travel

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Traveling comes with much excitement – staying up into the wee early hours to see a new city, experiencing new cultures, lifestyles, time zones, foods and fun. During our travels, we often push ourselves to the limit in our quest to experience and take in everything we can for the little time we are there. By the end of the trip, your body probably feels a bit drained. Help refuel and remedy your fatigued, post travel body with these holistic practices.


During and after travel, our body’s energy is used to the max, and we often come home feeling depleted. To combat the loss of energy, it’s important replenish fluids that were lost while traveling. Immediately upon return, it’s a good idea to drink lots of water to rehydrate and make your body feel better equipped for your transition back home.

Relax Your Body

After being cooped up in a car or plane for hours on end, our bodies can develop a little soreness. Allow yourself to take some time to revive those muscles and relieve any tension that may have built up on your trip. Curious how to relieve stress that built up during your trip? To restore and rejuvenate your body, try adding the Stress Relief Backpack to enhance your favorite massage with the added benefits of minerals, hydration, healing and detoxification. The Stress Relief Backpack uses warmed black silt and fango mud to de-stress and detox the back.

Proper Rest

Recuperation is vital to your recovery and transition back home. Our body schedules can get out of whack while on the road, with time zone changes or loss of sleep from trying to take in all of what a new place has to offer. Experiencing exhaustion after a trip is very common. Scheduling your following week to include optimal time for sleep and rest is essential. Our bodies live off a rhythm, and can easily feel fatigued when that rhythm and schedule deviates. The sooner you adapt back to your regular sleeping patterns, the sooner you will feel reenergized.

Healthy Eating

Experiencing a different culture gives us an excuse to try all kinds of new and potentially unhealthy foods. Eating well will help reduce feelings of post travel sluggishness. Incorporate plenty of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains into your diet.

Schedule Time to Yourself

The thrill of travel can often make us feel apprehensive about coming home. Schedule something to look forward to following your return, whether it’s finding time for a hobby of yours, or treating yourself to an Extraction Facial. This facial is designed to treat heavily congested and impacted skin and includes cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, extraction and moisturization.


Take care of your body by incorporating physical activity during the week of return. Endorphins help boost your energy, while exercise can help provide a better night’s rest.


Renew your system after your getaway with our Detox package. This package will help eliminate toxins that the body accumulates, especially during travel. This holistic remedy includes services that are designed specifically to flush toxins and excess fluid, eliminate metabolic waste, and stimulate the lymphatic system. The package includes our Seaweed Wrap, the Infusion Tub Therapy, and a 75 Signature Massage that employs specific “detox” techniques aimed at the lymphatic system.