Spa Packages Paul

Our spa packages are the perfect combination of services giving you the perfect getaway.

Our signature ensembles are packaged for the perfect gift, whether it's for someone else or you're treating yourself. Each one combines multiple services into an amazing experience. For added convenience, our spa packages include both, a discount for each service included, and gratuity.

Restorative Retreat $135

Sometimes the greatest gift is choice. When you gift a Restorative Retreat, your loved one will be able to choose between a 60 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage personalized to their needs or a 60 Minute Brea's Restorative Facial which uses our amazing Source Vital product line to rejuvenate their skin.
Approximately 1.5 hours

Abscond $182

For those in need of a quick retreat to tranquility and peacefulness. Escape the stresses of the daily grind, even if it's for a brief interlude. This package includes our 45 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage, a targeted and personalized massage to give you some focused relief, and a 30 Minute Brea's Signature Restorative Facial, an introduction to amazing, fresh skin.
Approximately 1.5 hours

Glow $187

Enter the spa excited and leave the spa “glowing." Enjoy a relaxing, skin softening Infusion Tub Therapy where the warm waters and bubbles will melt your stress away. Our 30 Minute Sea Salt Scrub enhanced with our Hair and Scalp Treatment enhancement will slough away any remaining tension.
Approximately 1.5 hours

Ultimate Glow $235

Interested in a unique spa experience? This package begins with a 30 Minute Sea Salt Scrub that incorporates our dead sea salts blended with algae extracts and a receiving blend of essential oils underneath our Vichy Shower. Our Vichy service is perfectly combined with a 75 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage, personalized to address your massage goals. All your troubles will float away and you'll walk out glowing!
Approximately 3 hours

Sporty $242

The perfect getaway after exhausting physical activities. Rejuvenate and repair your body with targeted services specifically for the active. Marathon runners, athletes, this package is for you! Recently come back from an exhausting trip or completed a move? Pamper yourself! Includes our Infusion Tub Therapy, a 60 min Sanctuary Signature Massage, and the Sports Pack enhancement to really work on your sore muscles.
Approximately 2 Hours

Duo $285

A wonderful package to experience with your loved one, whether boyfriend, husband, mother or bestie! This package includes 75 minutes of massage time in our cozy couple's room where you can each receive your own personalized massage type and pressure while still creating memories together.
Approximately 1.5 hours

Detoxify $330

The perfect way to renew your system. These services are designed specifically to flush toxins and excess fluid, eliminate metabolic waste, and stimulate the lymphatic system. Includes our Seaweed Wrap, the Infusion Tub Therapy, and a 75 Signature Massage that employs specific "detox" techniques aimed at the Lymphatic System.
Approximately 3 Hours

Escape $347

The perfect combination of bodywork and skin care. Enjoy your escape, in the heart of the city. Our personalized Signature Massage for 60 minutes is enhanced with our Stress Relief Backpack to provide targeted comfort. Brea's Signature Restorative (45 minutes) is next, topped with our spectacular Ageless Eyes enhancement that will have you feeling renewed with a youthful glow.
Approximately 3 hours

Ritual $490

The ultimate spa experience at Sanctuary. This package sends you on a journey of complete relaxation, renewal, and rejuvenation. The Ritual begins with a Seaweed Wrap that includes an amazing Hair and Scalp Treatment. Next, you'll experience our personalized 75 minute Signature Massage enhanced with our Stress Relief Backpack. Lastly, you'll enjoy our famous Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial enhanced with a Seaweed Poultice mask.
Approximately 4 to 4.5 hours

Ultimate Duo $525

Your loved one will thank you for gifting this package! The best of both worlds, your spa day together begins with each of you getting a 60 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage that will cater to your specific needs. You can enjoy this massage in our couple's room, so that you can experience the stress melt away, side by side. After your massage, you'll each be in for a treat with our 60 Minute Personalized Facials. Using beautiful, natural products, our esthetician will nourish your skin so both of you walk out glowing.
Approximately 2.5 hours

*All packages include gratuity, ensuring everything is taken care of for your special gift.