12 Days of Christmas Gift Ideas

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Truly, gift giving is such a favorite thing of mine that I created this gift guide to help you! Gift ideas coming from contemplating who a person is … what they’d like  … what they need, but won’t buy for themselves … how they’ll look when they open their present … how they’ll feel about their new gift! These things make me happy. And in a time when I know I need some happy, and I know my friends, family, loved ones need some happy, I’m pretty excited about my gift ideas this year. I’ve been so excited that I have been stocking the spa with so many great gift options!

We thought 12 Days of Christmas would be a fun way to highlight the different special people in our lives and our gift guide for great gifts ideas. for each of them! If you are looking for any ideas, give us a call, message us on Instagram or Facebook, or stop by. Everyone at the spa loves helping you choose the perfect spa gift!

12th Day
Gift Ideas for the Athlete in your life –

1) Sanctuary Signature Massage: give them the ultimate relief for their muscles with our Sanctuary Signature Massage that is customized to their body’s needs and concerns. We offer massages in 90 minutes, 75 minutes, 60 minutes, or 45 minutes. Elevate their massage by adding our Sports Pak enhancement.

2) Source Vitál After Workout Kit: perfect to keep in the gym bag or use at home after exercising.  This kit includes After Workout Spray to refresh and uplift after a tough workout.  Sports Balm for direct relief for sore muscles. Peppermint Body Wash an all-natural body wash to recharge and invigorate. And Deozein Natural Deodorant Spray, Zest scent, an aluminum free deodorant Analgesic Bath Saltsprotects the skin from the causes of body odor.

3) Ultimate Bath Set: help them recreate rest & relaxation at home with an ultimate bath set. Personalize by picking out products they’ll love. Source Vital Apothecary’s Analgesic Bath Salts or Analgesic Bath & Body Oil. Reduces the feeling of inflammation and promotes detoxification. Add one of Source Vital’s body washes and body scrubs that include beautiful aromatherapy. Elevate their bath set by adding a Wyatt-Vannin candle.

11th Day
Gift Ideas for Your Mama

1) Personalized Facial: a completely consultative facial, our estheticians will design the facial to meet all the needs for your mom to have a fantastic, results-oriented facial.

2) Shop at the Spa: to browse our beautifully curated selection of jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets and earrings with gorgeous stones to Source Vital Apothecary Essential Oilshelp share your intentions. Aromatherapy bracelets so your mom can breathe in the calming Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend, remember the familiar scent of the spa with our Sanctuary Signature Scent or be uplifted with the Spirit Essential Oil Blend.

3) Customize a bundle of skin products: add an ultimate eye cream, luxurious serum, or hydrating face mask as perfect additions to your mom’s at-home skincare routine. A great eye cream selection is the Rhonda Allison Peptide 3-N-1 Eye Cream. Reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines and brighten eye tissue. Choose SV23 for a luxurious serum that is anti-aging and antioxidant packed. Every mom needs a Knesko Nanogold Repair hydrogel face mask. Infused with microparticles of 24k Gold, this mask hydrates and firms skin.

10th Day
Gift Ideas for the Wellness Guru

1) Minkyti Facial: an intense facial with deep cleansing, masking, acupressure facial massage and aromatherapy. A beautiful gift for that mindful person in your life who is looking to combine the peace for mind, care for skin with natural products, and amazing relaxation.

2) Mindful products: At the spa we offer a number of products to help support mindfulness and relaxation at home. Naturally purify air with a diffuser and essential oils. Set intentions of confidence, love, and clearing with our Love ‘N Lava Aromatherapy Bracelets. Each bracelet is a combination of a beautiful stone full of intention and lava rocks to carry the scent of their favorite essential oil. We also have a select variety of Salt and Rose Quartz Lamps and Stones to bring another level of intention to their home.

3) Aromatherapy: Whether you know their favorite oil (Eucalyptus anyone?), choose a scent based on what you think they need in their life (Serene Essential Oil Blend or Happy Essential Oil Roll On) or choose a starter kit (like our Holiday Scents Kit), we have all you want to for your wellness junkie to fill their home and lives with natural, functional scents.

9th Day
Gift Ideas for those Working Remotely

1) Spa Day with a Sanctuary Signature Massage & Purify Facial: give relaxation and deep cleaning for your friends that have spent so much time at home. Begin their spa day with a Sanctuary Signature Massage customized to address all of the stress they are undoubtedly carrying in their Back Massageshoulders and relief to their lower back and every other body part. Continue the relaxation with our Purify Facial to provide a deep cleansing and hydration needed after missing some needed spa facials.

2) Create a basket of self-care love: especially for those working from home, bring the spa to them so they can create their sanctuary! We offer beautifully scented candles by Wyatt-Vanin combining aromatherapy and gorgeous candle vessels. Select a skincare kit so that they can care for their skin with natural, plant based products by Source Vital Apothecary. Elevate their skincare routine with a Rose Quartz Facial Roller so they can massage the serums in for the best results.

3) Shop Till You Drop Kit: while shopping may be more of an online activity nowadays, this body care kit is perfect to address any relaxation needs.

8th Day
Gift Ideas for Your Bestie

1) Ultimate Duo Package: what better gift than an experience where you can create memories together and connect in safe ways. Our Ultimate Duo Package begins with Sanctuary Signature 60 Minute Massages. You can choose to have them in our couple’s room so y’all can have your massage together. Next, enjoy facials in separate rooms. This gift idea is a lovely way to get that rejuvenation you both need and extra fun because you get to enjoy it together!

Jentry Kelley Brow Wigs2) Intentional Jewelry: we offer a beautiful assortment of jewelry from Vibe, JaxKelly, Love ‘N Lava and Kitsch Beauty. Each of these pieces are gorgeous and carry a special meaning. We encourage you to visit the spa to browse our full collection. Simply call us and let us know you’ve arrived and our guest care team will show you our lovely options.

3) Brow products and makeup bags: while we’re covering our faces, our eyes have taken such a greater importance. While many of us aren’t wearing full makeup (and our skin is thanking us!), a pop of mascara and beautiful brows are all we need. We offer Jentry Kelley Cosmetics brow gel, mascara and brow wigs.

7th Day
Gift Ideas for Your Partner

1) Our Sanctuary Signature Couple’s Massages are one of our most popular services! It’s such a beautiful time to enjoy an experience together in the same room, while also being highly customized to each of your needs.Relax & Renew Kit

2) Create a romantic evening at home: Source Vital Apothecary’s Relax & Renew Kit is a great gift for each other. It offers Serene Bath Salts, Lavender Body Lotion, Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil, and Tranquil Multi-spray to set the scene at home for an amazing bath. Add a JaxKelly Rose Quartz candle to inspire Love. We also offer bath bombs to add something even more special.

3) Massage oil: make your evening at home even more complete with Source Vital Apothecary Massage Oil. Choose Chamomile & Lavender Massage Oil for a beautifully relaxing oil. Choose Unscented so that you can add your favorite scent, like Euphoria Elixir or Fresh Essential Oil Blend for an enjoyable time.

6th Day
Gift Ideas for Your Dad

1) Our Debonair Facial: is designed specifically to address all the needs of a man’s face. It combines the great elements of a barber like the hot towel with all of the deep pore cleansing and serum nourishment his skin needs. Even if your dad isn’t the “spa” type, Sir Vital Bear Oilswe guarantee that he will walk out smiling after this facial and wondering why he didn’t schedule one sooner! A fun gift is one that your receiptine may not have purchased for themselves, but definitely will love!

2) At-home skincare routine: ensure he keeps his skin feeling amazing with our Sir Vital Cleanse and the beard oil of choice. The three beard oils meet the needs of any type of facial hair. Tame will calm the unruly mustache or beard hair. Choose Thrive to promote fuller, healthier facial hair. Finally, choose Condition to soften and balance his facial hair. Whatever the need, Sir Vital beard oils can help.

5th Day
Gift Ideas for a Teen

1) Tween/Teen Facial: our Tween Facial is thirty minutes and a great introduction to taking care of your skin and spa life. Your tween with minimal congestion gets to experience a great facial cleansing, masking and facial massage. Further, they can chat with their esthetician to begin learning the foundation of a great skincare routine. If your tween/teen is already starting to experience some acne, our Teen Facial is great. At a full hour, it gives them the introduction to the spa life and skincare while also offering some deep pore cleanSource Vital Aromatherapysing and extractions.

2) Create the best gift basket: shop at the spa to find the best mix of luxurious bath bombs, cute pocket purses, gorgeous jewelry. JaxKelly has a cute gemstone line of stud earrings, Love ‘N Lava aromatherapy bracelets, and Source Vital Apothecary Aromatherapy Roll-Ons are just a few great ways to share the importance of mindfulness at a young age.

3) Natural Skincare Products: Our estheticians are happy to guide your teen to find the best skincare for their skin type. Simply call us to set up a time to meet about facial products, whether you’re looking to start out with a simple routine of a cleanser and face moisturizer or if you’d like a routine that includes masks and serums, or anything in between. We are here to help your teen begin their journey with healthy skin on the best path. We can also help with other skin issues for teens with our Deozein Natural Deodorant or variety of natural body washes and body scrubs.

4th Day
Gift Ideas for a Loved One Needing Extra Support

1) Sanctuary Signature Massage with Hot Stones Enhancement: give the experience the combination of a knowledgeable massage therapist with the heat of hot stones. The thermal heat of of the stones helps to provide a deeper level of relaxation more quickly.Knesko Skin Masks

2) Knesko Skin Masks: are a wonderful way to bring the spa home. A treat for mind, body, and soul, there are four collections to choose. Every mask is Reiki charged and each collection features a different element. Personalize your choice based on what your gift recipient most needs now. Choose Gold as it awakens the Third Eye Chakra to help build confidence by easing tension and anxiety. Diamond helps open their Crown Chakra for enhanced positive energy and creativity. Or, choose Rose Quartz for your friend that needs some focus on their Heart Chakra, encouraging them to open up to more self-love. Finally, select Black Pearl for your friend that needs help to unlock their Root Chakra, helping with detoxification and promoting inner strength.

3) Aromatherapy: a great way to give your friend that extra support throughout the day. We provide aromatherapy roll-ons like Happy, Love, Transition, Spirit, Balance are just a few of your options for choosing the best scent for your gift recipient.

3rd Day
Gift Ideas for a Teacher

Spa at Home Relaxation Tower1) Signature Brea’s Restorative Facial: give your teacher a relaxing spa experience. Our Signature Brea’s Restorative combines the deep pore cleansing of a facial with massage touches for their feet, shoulders and of course face. Using the natural, plant-based products of Source Vital, this facial is customized to address their skin type.

2) Spa at Home Relaxation Tower: all your teacher needs for self-care at home.  This experience walks you through a 3-part “at home” spa day that includes a facial mask, a great bath, and silky soft skin. Great for those teachers who are in need of a time out. They can enjoy a little pampering and love with clean, natural products that nourish the body and spirit.

2nd Day
Gift Ideas for our Health Care & Essential Workers

1) Oxygen Facial: much needed hydration for their skin that has been covered with masks and shields. This facial delivers powerful vitamins, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acids into your skin to plump up your skin. A great facial coming into the winter Oxygen Facialmonths when our skin needs extra moisture to combat the cool weather and inside heaters.

2) Himalayan Salt Lamp: help your essential worker friend elevate their decor with a salt lamp. Available at the spa for curbside pickup, a salt lamp has a tremendous amount of benefits. They can help to raise energy levels and sharpen concentration. They also raise energy levels and enhance your mood to keep them balanced throughout the day. Finally, they also help simply with purifying the air, calming allergies and reducing asthma.  A fantastic addition to any room!

3) Hydration: staying home for work, as the weather changes, your friend will need extra moisturization throughout the day for their skin. Source Vital Apothecary’s Rose Body Cream is a luxurious cream with great antioxidants, Shea and Cocoa butters too. Rhonda Allison’s Drop of Essence is a face serum that combines Omegas 3, 6, and 9 with Vitamin E to deliver deep hydration.

1st Day
Gift Ideas for YOU!!

1) Tres Luxe Facial: Your mom deserves a beautiful, intention facial. Our amazing Tres Luxe Facial combines Microcurrent, Oxygen Stress Relief Backpackand LED. Microcurrent, commonly referred to as the natural facelift, will address fine lines and wrinkles. Oxygen will plump and hydrate your skin. LED will further stimulate cell renewal and collagen production while promoting acne healing. You’ll look radiant and picture-ready!

2) Sanctuary Signature Massage with Stress Relief Backpack Enhancement: Whatever you are carrying stress for, our massage combined with our stress relief backpack can lift it away. Stress from work issues, from family concerns, or friendship/partner tensions can take a hiatus while you experience this immersive service catered to your body needs.

3)  Curated At-Home Self-Care Package: Source Vital Apothecary’s Lemongrass Mani-Pedi Cream, Knesko Skin Klutch Mask gift set, and Rhonda Allison Hydra Glow Facial. Combine all the elements to give yourself relaxation and relief from head to toe. We believe adding aromatherapy can elevate any experience so complete your self-care package with a candle of your choice.


Gift Guide Wrap Up

We look forward to hearing or seeing from you soon. We offer beautiful options for in-spa services to cater to every personality, skin and body concern. As well, we offer a curated set of products to create a mindful, intentional, caring setup in your own home or on the go. We hope our gift guide spurred great ideas for you to gift your loved ones. As always, call us with any questions. You are welcome to shop online or chat with our guest care team via text or phone with any questions.