3 Skincare Guides for Spring Break Travel

Marisol Castro Spa Notes

Skincare Guide for Spring Break

Sanctuary Spa is here to provide your skincare guide for any spring break trip you have planned! Are you ready for spring break? Is your skincare travel bag ready for spring break? Whether you have been planning your spring break vacay for months or are getting down to planning all the last minute details for your spring vacation, we want to know all about it! Where will you be going? Where will you be staying? What will you do there? And, here’s where we can help, have you considered your spring break skincare?

How will your skin react in a different climate? When planning a vacation, many forget about their skin because you are too excited about the “fun” and “exciting” parts of your trip. At Sanctuary Spa, we hear from our guests all the time when they get back from their trip. Once back, they are need of some TLC for their skin. Let us help you with these skincare guides based on where you are traveling for spring break. Maybe the products that are sitting on your countertop will work. Or maybe you need to trade out a few key pieces!

Let’s face it, many stick to the same skincare ritual all year long. You get stuck in a routine and don’t think¬† of if it is benefiting our skin or not. Sanctuary Spa is here to help! We know that planning a trip is stressful enough. So our team has put together some tips for different climate types that you may be visiting this spring break.

Making Plans, Remember Your Skincare

Facial Guide for Spring Break TripMany of you might be planning to escape the chilly, unpredictable Houston weather. Will you go somewhere warmer? Some of you might want to go somewhere colder to play in the snow. Maybe you will be visiting dryer -climate places. Some of you might stay in Houston to enjoy your time off at home! The truth is that most of the places that you may be visiting have different climates, meaning that your skin may need more or less of something while there. The good news is that Sanctuary Spa has everything that you need for all skin types and climates! Our recommendations are to cleanse day and night, regularly exfoliate, and to use SPF. Our in- spa recommendation would include regular facials. Keep reading to learn about products we know your skin will love while you’re on vacation!

HOUSTON Skincare Guide- Staycation is still a vacation ūüėČ

Let’s start with Houston, if you are planning on having a staycation then you know that Houston climate can be very humid in the Spring and Summer time. With thunderstorms predicted at the end of spring break, the humidity is definitely going to show up!

Microdermabrasion Skincare for Your Spring Break Trip

The past few months have been a cycle of cold and warm weather so your skin-care ritual has probably been inconsistent. Because we have experienced cold weather our skin tends to become dryer, even for those of us who have oily skin. Those with oily, combination or acne-prone skin can experience humidity induced skin issues. The microdermabrasion facial is great to give your skin that deep exfoliation it may need to get it in shape just in time for Spring. By removing the dead skin cells, you’ll reveal the new skin underneath that is ready to soak up all the serums that you use!


COLORADO Skincare Guide – Skiing or chilling in the lodge?

Knesko Facial MasksIf you are visiting a place with colder weather like Denver, Colorado, you will be facing a drier climate. It is extremely important to keep the skin extra hydrated in colder temperatures because cold weather sucks out the skin’s moisture, dries out the pores and may cause your skin to become irritated. A great addition to your skin- care ritual would be to incorporate Rhonda Allison’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum, in addition to a cleanser, toner and moisturizer suitable for dry weather. If your skin is already on the dryer side, we recommend adding Rhonda Allison Drop of Essence and Source Vital’s Soothing Cream! If you want to take an extra step, we recommend using a hydrating face mask 2-3 times a week. Our Knesko Nano-Gold or Rose Quartz Face Masks are great options! Once you’re back in town, look to schedule an oxygen facial to thoroughly hydrate your skin!

FLORIDA Skincare Guide РSunny days by the pool!

In warmSPF for Spring Breaker temperatures, like Miami, it is important to remember to always apply and re- apply SPF throughout the day. Our Rhonda Allison SPF30 Daytime Defense sunscreen uses zinc-oxide to provide a natural sun barrier. Zinc oxide is antimicrobial and non-comedogenic, so a really great choice for those with sensitive skin. The hot sun can lead to premature aging, spots and some cancers so in addition to SPF, Vitamin C is highly recommended. Rhonda Allison’s C-Peptide Complex is a great serum to incorporate for your trip. 

Skincare for Spring BreakSwitching to a gentle cleanser is advised as well as moisturizing several times a day to avoid having dry skin. Our Source Vital Rose Toning Essence or Rhonda Allison HA Hydra Mist are great ways to get some added hydration throughout the day! Check your schedule, as soon as you are back in town to receive a nice relaxing Sanctuary Signature Massage followed by a Personalized Facial.  

NEW YORK Skincare Guide – Visiting a Broadway Play, Shopping on 5th Avenue or Museums?

Last but not least, who is visiting New York?! We can’t wait to hear about your itinerary, so many things to do in NYC. Not to mention, one of the. few places that can rival Houston for their amazing food selection. Like Colorado, New York is a colder state and if you are visiting in the Spring, chances are that temperatures will still be low. The weather and winds in New York causeSanctuary Spa Signature Massage redness and dryness, for this it is essential to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Follow the same recommendations above for adding more moisture to your skin. Furthermore, we recommend using our Poppy & Pout lip exfoliator combined with our Source Vital lip balm to combat chapped lips. Especially at night, add a moisturizing hand and body cream for any dry or cracked skin, like Source Vital’s Lemongrass Mani Pedi. When you come back, be sure to check out our 120 Minute Sanctuary Signature Massage to give your feet and muscles some much needed relief after all your walking.


Sanctuary Spa is Your Skincare Guide!

With so many options that you could be visiting this Spring, maybe some that were not mentioned in this blog. When you have a trip coming up, be sure to mention it to your Sanctuary Spa massage therapist or esthetician so they can guide you. In between visits, feel free to call or text our friendly guest care team. They will ensure to chat with your esthetician or therapist for recommendations. works in one climate, may not work in another. We want you to keep that glowing skin that you have worked so hard to achieve!

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As always, we look forward to hearing from you!