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Tina is one of my all time favorite massage therapists, if you’ve ever had a massage with her, you know! She’s the kind of person that has the warmest energy that makes you feel so comfortable. I had the chance to dive a little deeper into some of Tina’s history with her move to Texas, Source Vital product preferences & her massage style, and even a glimpse into her personal side including how she practices and prioritizes self-care!


When you relocated from Louisiana did your skin/body experience any changes?

Yes, when I relocated from Louisiana my skin/body did in fact experience some changes. I have combination skin but my skin is maturing and a little hydration goes a long way. I knew almost immediately that I couldn’t continue with my regular skin care regimen. Although it is really hot in Louisiana, Texas has a different kind of heat and the water here is hard. After cleansing my face and body I started experiencing extremely dry skin. My skin/body has never needed moisture like it does now.

Tina and I chatted some more about her favorites and just how she customized her routine with her personal expertise as a former practicing Esthetician! She really diversifies her skin care to balance her skin. Her go to’s are Aromatic Emulsion after cleansing to add moisture and balance, in the evening she nourishes with alternating Watermelon Seed Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, and Hemp Seed (think brightening, balancing, hydrating, and more!) depending on what her skin is telling her! She also loves the Aroma Peel for gentle & effective exfoliation!

Stress Relief Bath and Body OilWhat are your favorite Source Vital body products?

My favorite Source Vital body products are Serene and Stress Relief Bath and Body Oils. They add moisture to my skin and the aromas are amazing while relaxing in a warm bath. In the shower, I apply them directly to my skin. My skin loves all of SV’s bath and body oils.

Is there a common ailment you’re used to seeing in your guests & how do you treat it?!

Yes, Neck and shoulder pain is a common ailment I see in 99% of my guests. I treat it with “Lots Of Love” as I like to call it 😊. I never start by attacking the issue/ailment…I like tobegin with warming the tissues and relaxing my guests before I bring in the thunder, haha. But honestly, I listen to my guests during the consultation. I make sure I give them what they ask for. I want the pressure to be on point and my goal is to relieve them of the pain they came in with and to make sure they feel like they have a new body when they leave. The more relaxed they are before I begin to work on the problem areas the better. Some can only handle medium to firm manipulations. Some can handle trigger point therapy. And some guests I choose to use a melting technique. I like to finish them off with stretches and compressions, Analgesic Bath and Body Oil (which helps to relieve sore muscles, joints, aches, and pain), and wet heat using aromatic warm towels.

(Melting technique… booking now!!)


I feel like you really practice what you preach with taking care of yourself, how do you prioritize self care & what does that look like for you?

I TRULY prioritize self care. What that looks like for me is waking up and setting my intentions for the day. I pray/meditate over my life, my hands, and my body. I speak peace and wellness into the atmosphere because I believe it will be returned to me. I have a daily morning ritual that I stick to no matter what and that consists of my skin care regimen, making sure water infused with fresh lemon and lime is the first thing to enter my body for the day, having breakfast/brunch incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables, having hot tea using fresh ingredients like ginger root, cinnamon sticks, hibiscus flowers, Irish sea moss, and raw honey, and taking a heaping spoon of organic elderberry syrup. Everything I do has tremendous health benefits and this is only the beginning of how I prioritize self care in my life. I love quiet time and reading and I have regular manicures and pedicures. I’m also a regular guest at our spa. I practice what I preach to my guests about getting regular massages and facials and the benefits of doing so. I’m a constant giver just like most of my guests and taking some time out for ME is a must. I am alllll about Self Love and Self Care.

(Can y’all feel her passion?! It’s palpable!)


You are an avid cook at home, what is your favorite dish?! 

Yes! I love to cook! I’m a Louisiana girl so we’re all about flavor, spices, creamy sauces and the perfect roux. My favorite dish is anything seafood and soul food. Salmon, catfish, shrimp, lobster, crab, and most definitely CRAWFISH!! I also love incorporating seafood into everyday dishes and combining seafood with healthy alternatives. I really don’t have a favorite dish but a few at the top of my list are 1.) Crawfish bread, 2.) Honey teriyaki salmon paired with fresh green beans cooked in butter and sea salt and a baked sweet potato, 3.) Red Beans w/smoked and andouille sausage over jasmine rice with a side of fried catfish, mustard greens, yams, and sweet cornbread, and 4.) Gumbo….Louisiana style 😉


I feel like this is such a great insight into Tina’s world. Self care is such a priority for her and I feel like she really hit the nail on the description… “I’m a constant giver just like most of my guests and taking some time out for ME is a must.” In the spa world, and beyond, as parents, as employees, friends and more, we are always in “give” mode, and to properly refill our soul is so important. I don’t know about y’all, but I am ready to enjoy some seafood and some amazing Louisiana style dishes!

Some exciting news about those Source Vitál Bath and Body Oils Tina mentioned… they are on SALE soon! So are all of our Source Vitál Apothecary products! September 3rd & 4th of 2020 be sure to stock up on your favorites or try something new! We’re ready to guide you on whatever your needs are! We look forward to seeing y’all at the spa soon or hearing from you at 713.622.7722!


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