Kim’s Skincare Routine & Massage Tips

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This week, I got to talk to one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding massage and esthetics, Kim!!  Kim is our Senior Esthetician and Massage Therapist at Sanctuary Spa. We talked a bit about her Cidesco certification, (which is super amazing!!) what she does in her free time, and, of course her skincare routine, including what her fave products are right now.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear more about Kim!

Kim's Skincare RoutineSydney: So I know you have your Cidesco certification– which is kind of a big deal!! Can you tell me more about it and when/how you received it?

Kim: I obtained my CIDESCO certification in 2015 at the Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics (ICE) in Houston. CIDESCO is the world’s major beauty therapy association and it’s certification is a prestigious qualification for Beauty Therapy and Esthetics. The rigorous training and education I received from ICE is something I’ll forever remember and cherish. Fun fact- our very own massage therapist Rudy was actually my Massage Therapy Instructor at ICE and I’m so grateful for him.

Sydney: Wow!! Kim, that’s so cool.  And I love that you and Rude connected through that!  It’s pretty cool that you’re able to mix massage in with esthetics.  Speaking of esthetics, what is your go-to skincare regimen?  Do you have a step by step ritual that you do every day?

Kim: My go-to skincare regimen includes lots of antioxidants during the day and restoring at night. My morning routine I use Rhonda Allison’s Foaming Peptide Cleanser, Cucumber Spritz hydrating mist, Antioxidant Complex, Elite EGF, eZinc Protection Cream and Eye Revitalizer. For my nighttime ritual I use Rhonda Allison’s Skin Brightening Cleanser, Source Vital Aromatic Emulsion, Mandelic Arginine Serum, SV Prickly Pear Oil and sometimes the Mega Brightening Serum or Acne Treatment for spot treatment. 

Sydney: I looove the Skin Brightening Cleanser and Prickly Pear.  I include those in my daily regimen too!! When you’re not working, what are your favorite things to do? Any hobbies?

Kim: When I’m not at work, I like traveling with my husband and making memories. I’ve recently picked up a new hobby of doing home projects and creating idea boards for our new home to make it our own. I also love jogging, riding my bicycle and cuddling with Arya, our beloved rescue cat. 

Sydney: I love that. I’m glad you’re able to find things to do that you enjoy, considering what all is going on around us. Talking with you around the spa, I have learned how it’s equally as important to treat your body inside as well as having a great skincare routine. The HUM vitamins do exactly that.  Which vitamin is your favorite and what is its purpose?

Kim: Totally agreed! I am definitely one that believes in taking daily vHum Nutritional Supplementsitamins and certainly never skips a day. I love the HUM Skin Squad pre+probiotics and the Daily Cleanse. I usually rotate between these two every 3 months. They’re great for getting rid of unwanted toxins that lead to breakouts on the skin. Also assist in digestion and aids in a cleaner healthier gut.

Sydney: I’ll have to try those out!  But next, onto massage therapy!!  When it comes to massage therapy, what do you think of as a “universal technique” that everyone can benefit from?

Kim: I believe the “universal technique” that can benefit everyone is Swedish Massage. A Swedish massage is made up of several techniques like petrissage, effleurage, tapotement, friction and vibrations. These techniques are beneficial in many ways such as increasing range of motion, improving circulation, posture and sleep but most of all helps you relax.

Sydney: Sounds great, I could most definitely go for a massage soon.  I love that there are so many health benefits to massage. Speaking of health benefits, what do you think is the most helpful product for your skin right now that you can’t go without?eZinc Kim's Fav Skincare Product

Kim: I can’t go without my sunscreen! It’s that one product you absolutely should not skip in your morning skincare routine. I use Rhonda Allison’s eZinc Protection cream SPF 22. Its formula is a mineral emulsion and super lightweight for a perfect finisher to my morning skincare routine.

Sydney: I’m so glad we got to catch up, Kim.  I love all the info you shared about your skincare routine and massage therapy. Thank you for letting me into a little piece of your life!!




Sydney recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Central Arkansas. While in Arkansas, she discovered her love for strategic communication, social media marketing, and as well as being on the guest care side of the beauty and wellness industry.  One of Sydney’s favorite aspects about this industry is learning about skincare, so she can not only use the best products for herself, but recommend them to others.