Sanctuary Spa’s Commitment to You in the New Year

Sabrina Spa Notes
2019 goals list with notebook, cup of coffee over wooden desk

Another year has passed, and as 2018 comes to close, we encourage you to reflect on lessons learned and your successes. Look back on the rewarding experiences and moments of incredible growth you encountered. The upcoming year is your chance to start fresh and renew your commitment to yourself – mind, body, and spirit. Self-care is at the center of your resolutions, and Sanctuary Spa is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

For a longtime, I refused to participate in the entire “New Year’s Resolution” game. I viewed it as a way to focus on all the things I did bad that led to creating all of these unachievable goals that I ended up breaking a month into the year and furthermore, didn’t even glance at for the rest of the year! In recent years though, I have circled back around to participating in setting these kinds of goals again, understanding that I want to be accountable to myself and always focus on being better today than I was yesterday.

This year, I want to embrace New Year’s Resolutions and further, partner with you, our guests, and my team for that level of positive accountability. I plan to celebrate my small victories and create achievable, yet challenging goals to meet throughout the year. The Sanctuary Spa team thanks you for sharing your goals, committing to yourself – mind, body and spirit, and most importantly loving and caring for yourself. Thank you to all of our guests who shared their resolutions with us! We feel truly inspired by the commitments you’ve made to yourselves this year, and can’t wait to help you achieve your goals.

Four of these resolutions were randomly selected as winners of our New Year’s Resolution sweepstakes. Congratulations to:

Cynthia S. who vows to ask for help, to hold others accountable for their share, and to actually reserve time each week for her to relax and recharge.

Annabella B. who resolves to dedicate time to herself. This means investing in my health and wellness. Trying to set time to be more mindful as well as getting massages to help align her energies.

Jennifer W. who commits to 1) Healthier eating and 2) Monthly stress reduction in 2019.

Roberta B. who pledges: 1) To practice wellness and have a healthy relationship with her body. 2) To open her heart to love and possibilities and let go of any attachment to the outcome. 3) To choose with no regrets. 4) To be bold, be audacious and stretch herself. And finally,  the words that represent how she will live her best year ever in 2019 are: gratitude, connection, presence.
Here’s to a happy, inspired, intentional 2019!

Each of these winners will receive one free month of membership to Sanctuary Spa! As a reminder, here are the great benefits to our membership program:


Even better, you can roll over your services two months if you don’t have the opportunity to get in for the month. You can gift a membership service, if you’d like your friends and family to experience the spa. And, there aren’t any cancellation fees or terms. Finally, we’ll call you each month to make sure you’re getting your services time reserved and enjoying your membership. Our goal for our membership program is to partner with you as a way for you to commit to self-care and a healthy lifestyle that you get a ton of value from having.

Now for our sharing time.

My goals for 2019 include: (1) consistent journal entries, whether one line or one page, I want to journal at least 5 times per week to help me be present with my thoughts, family and choices. (2) incorporate one new healthy habit every 2 months, from increasing how much water I drink to adding variety to my exercise routine and eating better. These two goals I feel like I will set a great foundation for me to achieve a lot of other positives in my life!

Amanda, our lovely Guest Care Associate, has 4 goals: (1) continue to write poetry (daily) (2) read 1 book a month (3) Practice the second agreement (from the four agreements, daily) Don’t Take Anything Personally (4) drink a gallon of h2o daily

Annie, our talented Licensed Senior Esthetician & Massage Therapist, has more of a mantra:

‘Pray to Thrive

Eat to Nourish

Live to Inspire

Love to Bloom

Move to Flourish’

What it means to her, is that every action she can/will take, has a bigger purpose. She wants to remember that and instill it in her daily practice so that she can spread and share this amazing, joyous, truthful feeling she’s working to create internally.

Evan, our awesome Licensed Junior Esthetician, is looking to communicate more with loved ones; practice yoga 3 days a week instead ofjust 2; and focus on enhancing relationships with guests.

Isabel, our caring Senior Guest Care Associate, is going to focus on being mentally healthy and finding a work out routine or exercise program she enjoys, or at least that she’ll do consistently, ha!

Jessica, our devoted Licensed Senior Esthetician & Massage Therapist, is looking to write more and weekly, journaling her thoughts! Read more books, and setting monthly goals with her loved ones and team members so everyone can thrive and be accountable to one another at work and at home!

Jill, our dedicated Esthetician, is eager to continue to refine her skills and knowledge to provide her guests with the best services to all of her guests.

Keiara, our amazing Licensed Senior Massage Therapist, is looking to be more present for her family and friends, begin a weekly yoga regimen, meditate daily, watch less YouTube and start a meetup group for Mommies.

Kim, our thoughtful Well Woman Holistic Health Coach, has several goals for 2019 too. (1) Get back to writing her morning pages daily, (journaling 3 pages a day to connect to her creative expression and to gain more clarity). (2) Visit a national or state park each quarter (3) Incorporate more toning exercises weekly for a more fit me in 2019.

Regina, our mindful Senior Guest Care Associate, has two goals. Going on a Social Media Diet (seriously!). She is looking to lessen her screen scrolling time to engage more IRL (in real life). Also, she’d like to take a public speaking class.


Rudy, our fantastic Licensed Senior Massage Therapist, would like to as Michael Jackson says “start with the man in the mirror”.  As a therapist, he dedicates his time at the spa to those that have found time for themselves. So he plans on finding time to improve on his health, so he can start a family with his wife soon. 

Courtney, our brilliant brow artist, covers all the bases with her 2019 resolutions!

  1. Follow my intuition
  2. Give more of myself to others/Show up more for others
  3. Frame the art in my house and find a place for each piece.
  4. Own a plant and keep it alive.
  5. Contribute to my 401 k
  6. Invest in landscaping
  7. Finish designing the interior style of my house
  8. Pay off at least one credit card
  9. Remain teachable

And finally, thank you for an extraordinary 2018. Your Sanctuary Spa team is grateful for the opportunity to help you feel your best. We experienced many milestones and moments that we are proud of and look forward to another year as a team of learning, growing, and giving amazing services to all of you.