Celebrating the Power of Women All Month Long at Sanctuary Spa!

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March is officially known as Women’s History Month — dedicated to recognizing the success of women and their incredible contributions to society. At Sanctuary Spa, we believe women should feel empowered to lift each other up and celebrate ever day, not just the big wins, but also the small acts of courage that help define and shape our gender. In honor of this and our 35th anniversary coming up, we’d also like to announce that 3% of our sales in the month of March will be donated to Dress for Success Houston.

For the month of March, we are encouraging others to share their stories. If there is an inspiring lady in your life that deserves special acknowledgement and recognition, we want to hear about it, even if that lady is YOU! We’ll be showcasing these stories on our blog and social media throughout the month. Stay tuned for updates and keep checking back for more!


To inspire you, here are some of the fabulous females of Sanctuary Spa and what makes them so special – as told by their teammates!

Leadership Team

Courtney, Brow Artist and Lead Esthetician

“I have known Courtney for many years now and our lives have crossed paths in so many ways, it reminds that we are meant to be connect no matter what! Her perseverance and dedication is something that constantly inspires and amazes me. I believe she is truly unstoppable and her passions and career are beginning to blossom into such an unreal magnitude!” – Annie


Sabrina, Owner

“Whew, what a woman! Sabrina is such a well rounded human… humble, confident, inspiring, relatable, motivating, and hands down the hardest working person I know. She does it all with grace and leads by an example that has everyone in her path wanting to aspire to.” – Annie

“She is strong, wise, open and incredibly genuine and generous. Knowing a woman like Sabrina and being blessed enough to work for her makes me want to make her proud and that she always feels appreciated for all she is. Thank You Sabrina!” – Jessica

Annie, Sr. Esthetician and Massage Therapist

“Annie’s ability to always see the good and be such a shining light is beautiful!”- Sabrina


“Annie is absolutely called to this profession and grows her natural ability of care and love in work and outside work, each new experience makes her stronger and brings her to an entirely new level. Knowing and watching her for 4 years now, I’ve seen what real leadership can create with the right support and same dream! She is the prime example of a professional and genuinely compassionate guest experience that comes from the heart.” – Jessica



Estheticians and Massage Therapists

Jill, Esthetician

“Jill is such a dedicated and committed woman. She is constantly researching, studying, and has such a thirst for education and knowledge that blows my mind!!” – Annie

“Jill thrives off of learning and growing her skillset and it fuels my passion to continue being the best esthetician i can be!” – Courtney


Kim M., Sr. Esthetician and Massage Therapist

“Kim M. is one of the most gentle souls I have ever met, poised and graceful. I am so inspired by her peaceful aura!” – Annie

“What i know about beautiful Kim M. is she is incredibly kind, hardworking and has an energy of gold. She is someone I hope to work alongside with for many years to come.” – Courtney

Tina, Massage Therapist

“Tina’s peaceful presence and inviting smile allows anyone to relax around her. She appreciates each teammembers talents and expertise and loves to engage about any and all things massage and work!” – Jessica


Yolanda, Massage Therapist

“Yolanda is keen on progress and constantly challenges herself in this profession. Humble and quiet, she’s a book of knowledge that I find myself constantly going to after each session she works on me! She gives this profession her all and inspires me tremendously as a therapist.” – Jessica

“Kristen is a ball of sunshine and positivity each time you embrace her, always smiling or cracking an effortless joke or impression! She makes everything she does FUN! She’s steps in and steps up, the natural leader who draws everyone in. She makes you want to linger around longer even after a work shift is over! She offers great advice for self care and practices what she preaches. ” – Jessica


Jessica, Sr. Esthetician and Massage Therapi

“Jessica has never met a stranger and it’s that life within Jess that inspires me to live passionately in everything! I’m so grateful for the energy and warmth that Jess brings to the spa, to the world, and to others.” – Annie


“Lauren’s enthusiasm for all things massage is contagious! She cares for her guests and is dedicated to giving them a massage that will deliver relaxation and relief.” – Sabrina


Guest Care

Amanda, Guest Care

“Amanda is an extremely compassionate woman who will always lend a hand to someone who needs it. She is welcoming and inviting and will give everyone a belly laugh that they need the most. She lights up a room and encourages others to light it up to.” – Annie



Kim B., Guest Care

“Kim B. is a passionate, confident, compassionate woman. She is encouraging and spreads light everywhere she walks!” – Annie

“Kim B. has a heart of gold and she’s irreplaceable!” – Jessica

Sophia, Guest Care

“Sophia is kind and thoughtful in everything she does, every time I’m around her it reminds me to pause and reflect with intention!” – Annie


“Lisa has such a warm and open heart, she sincerely cares for each guest walking through our doors and will ensure they have a fulfilling experience here.” – Sabrina


“Estela has been a solid part of Sanctuary since the beginning. I’ve had the privilege of working with her for over 4 years and to this day- she shows up with aspiring work ethic. She is an incredibly hard worker and she continues to amaze me.”


Regina, Guest Care

“I admire Regina’s confidence and direct energy, it is refreshing and still allows me to feel close and heard to her. I literally love being around her and her genuine authentic self.” – Annie


Isabel, Guest Care

“Isabel is such a blooming flower at this stage of her life. starting esthetic school and rocking guest care have brought confidence and passion to her daily energy that remind me to keep seeking that level of inspiration.” – Annie



“Teresa is such a quick learner and so focused on being better at every aspect of guest care, she will soon be a Sanctuary Spa expert!” – Sabrina