Winter Skin, Avoiding the Dryness!

Annie Neilson At-Home Tips & DIY
Source Vitál Algae Serums, featuring Jasmine, Rose, and Neroli.

As the wind brings in cold air, the sun sets earlier and darkness leads the evening, mornings become crisp and early; we adjust so many things in our world to meet this new season.

Layers are Best

Warmer pants and socks, extra sweaters and puffy jackets, warm tea and coffee by the fireKim, one of our Lead Estheticians, is Cidesco accredited, passionate, and so down to earth. place, and heavier blankets frame our beds and warm our skin! However… what about our bodies?? How do we adjust to take care of our precious and only skin during this seasonal shift?! Our team is here to guide you! Kim, one of our Lead Estheticians and Senior Massage Therapists, is Cidesco accredited, passionate, and so down to earth. We’re all here to help you live your best life in your best skin.


Where to Begin to Heal Winter Skin

First, let’s begin with simple seasonal swaps & then we will dive on in. In Houston, our usual glorious humidity is a perfect setting for Hyaluronic Acid & products heavy with Hyaluronic Acid as a main ingredient, like our Hyaluronic Serum by Rhonda Allison. However, with the dryer weather it’s best to proceed with caution as these products seek moisture to retain it. Bring out your oils!  Apply  your creams! Nourish with that milky cleanser!

Next, increasing that shower temperature might feel amazing, but taking it too high dries the skin out even more! Opt for a warm shower of course but cool water for facial cleansing and exfoliating. Dry brushing prior to your shower or bath wo

uld be a great self care tip during winter, especially if it’s not something in your usual practice. This practice will slough off dead skin, increase lymphatic flow, and allow your hydrating moisturizers and creams to penetrate better!

Source Vitál Algae Serums, featuring Jasmine, Rose, and Neroli.

Note to self, (’cause I’m guilty too!) turning on that heater full blast in your car feels so comforting but will totally dry you out. Layer  your moisturizers on (thinnest to thickest!) every day and night! Try using Source Vitál Algae Serums for a oily hydrati

on, it will leave you feeling silky smooth and really absorbs into the skin. Source Vitál Algae Serums are featured in three scents and functions: Jasmine, Rose, and Neroli. Jasmine helps tired and mature skin look renewed. Rose calms irritated, red skin. Neroli can help the appearance of clarity for oily, congested skin. After cleansing your winter skin, layering the Algae Serum that’s best for your skin is the best way to keep away the dryness.


When to Remove the Layers

An exceptional alternative to harsh acids, Source Vitál Aroma Peel is an amazing exfoliation.

The cooler days and less blasting of the beautiful sun bring a great time to treat the skin in ways you might be hesitant too in summer! Bring on the enzymes and chemical peels if you choose that route! Use your Source Vitál Aroma Peel once a week to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Aroma Peel is an exceptional alternative to harsh acids. Escape winter skin and relieve dryness with Source Vitál Aroma Peel, an amazing exfoliation. Remember, while the increase of exfoliating is appropriate, other adjustments need to be made as not to deplete the skin of vital hydration.

A daily hydrator from Rhonda Allison, Drops of Essence Hydration, are a sure fire way to increase your hydration. Especially, if your feeling tight, experiencing peeling or flaking, or dull. It’s rich in Omega 6, similar to our natural lipids. It locks in moisture and deeply soothes the skin. This will also amplify the efficacy and penetration of your other products!


Of course we can’t forget the body!

For the body, we already mentioned Dry Brushing, but what should you do after? Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!!! Source Vital offers some of the most divine body creams. One of my absolute favorites is the Algae Extract. Back in 2015, when I moved to Wyoming in the dead of winter (I’m talking -13 degree weather!) the Algae Extract saved my skin hands down. The Aromatic Algae Extract is another option that has a light lavender aroma to it. Rose Body Cream is another great option.

Natural ingredients that hydrate and replenish the skin.

The formula is so creamy, yet blends into your hands and skin so naturally. It is full of Shea and Cocoa Butter, Algae, and botanical oils like Hemp and Avocado! This Source Vitál Rose Body Cream is a buttery, creamy blend of natural ingredients that hydrate and replenish the skin.


Dryer skin is so common during winter, don’t feel alone! Tune into any signs of dryness so you can act quick. Look out for tightness, flaking or peeling when applying foundation or powder, redness, cracking, and sensitivity to products you usually use! We want to line you up and set you up for as nourished and hydrated skin as possible during this season. Great news for our Members, your product of the Month this month is your very own Drop of Essence!!! You are already on your path to hydrated skin!


Stay healthy, kind, and hydrated this holiday season, avoid winter skin with the help of your Sanctuary Spa team. Drop a comment if you ever have a question about navigating the best seasonal self-care routine for you most healthy skin.

With joy,


Annie is a Licensed Esthetician, passion about holistic skin care, and a lover of all things natural! Her joy is found in creating and telling the story of Sanctuary Spa and being a part of the magic it’s making in Guest experiences.