What to Look for in your Spa Treatment

Sabrina Spa Notes ,
Escape at Sanctuary Spa Houston

Spa treatments are a wonderful way to relax, revitalize your body and practice self-care. When done right, a spa treatment can be rejuvenating and stress relieving. But when the spa treatment is less than quality, it can cause you more stress and result in an uncomfortable experience. To ensure that you are getting the treatment you deserve, keep an eye out for some of these things during your spa experience.


Spa Atmosphere

A major part of a spa experience is the spa’s atmosphere. Cleanliness should always be a priority for a spa that wants to provide the best experience for their guests. Health and wellness are core values at Sanctuary Spa, and cleanliness is something we prioritize. We consistently sanitize our tools and environment. Maintaining a sanitary space provides well-being to not only our guests, but to the health of employees as well. In addition to cleanliness, aroma and atmosphere also play a major part in a spa experience. We use essential oils in many of our services – giving our guests an aromatic atmosphere that allows them unwind and experience tranquility.


Comfortable Communication

Going into your treatment, it is important to communicate your needs to your spa technician so they can give you the best possible experience. An experienced esthetician or therapist should make you feel at ease when you enter the spa. At Sanctuary Spa, we take a consultative approach to your spa treatment, so depending on what your body’s needs are, we will adjust your spa treatment so it will be best for you! Our technicians understand all bodies are different and want to work with you to make your spa experience most worthwhile and beneficial to you.


Quiet and Relaxing

Stepping into a spa where there is banging, clanging and too much chatter can be off-putting. A spa is a place to relax, so it should be a quiet and calm sanctuary away from the busy world of work, family and friends. At Sanctuary Spa, we offer a serene atmosphere where you can escape from reality – we don’t want your valuable “me time” to be interrupted by unwanted noise. Our spa radiates tranquility to allow you to feel relaxed. Our rooms are small, intimate and quiet – meant for you and a breath of revitalization.


Being aware of these things can help you make an educated decision on where to spend your spa days. At Sanctuary we want to our guests to feel like the spa is their safe place to escape and breathe. You are always our top priority!