What to Do Before & After a Massage

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Make sure to stretch before and after massages

We often discuss the many wonderful benefits a massage can have on the body. From relaxed muscles to an overall reduction in stress and anxiety, the effects massage can have are truly incredible.

Part of ensuring that you get the most out of your massage and that you’re properly caring for your body, is taking the appropriate steps before and after your treatment. Here are some pointers on how to fully reap the benefits of your massage experience.


Prepping prior to your massage is key. If you’re planning any rigorous workouts the day of your massage, we recommend doing them before your session. Massage helps to lengthen and loosen up the muscular system. Attempting to perform high-intensity activities immediately following a massage may increase your risk of injury. The ideal time to get a massage would be after a workout, to help soothe tired muscles.

It’s also important to make sure you’re fueling your body the right way prior to your massage. Alcohol, caffeine, and high-fat, heavy meals should be avoided. Both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics, which means they can increase your fluid retention. Rather than helping your body to flush away toxins, diuretics make it harder for your body to rid itself of them. Having a light meal a couple of hours before your massage will help keep hunger pangs away without making you feel bloated or overfull.


One of the great benefits of massage is that it helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation. Your body needs water to perform both of these functions; therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re increasing your water intake post massage. This will help your freshly-stimulated circulatory and lymphatic systems drain excess waste from the body.

While we don’t recommend anything strenuous after your massage, light stretching or yoga can help prolong the positive effects of your treatment. Massage warms up the muscles, so this is an excellent time to work in a nice, long stretch. If you find that your muscles are a little sore after your massage, using a product like Source Vitál’s Sports Balm can help alleviate any muscle soreness.

With the endless hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it’s not always possible to just relax. With that said, we highly recommend scheduling your massage at a time when you’re free to head home and chill afterward. Reading a book, having a nap, or taking a bath are all great ways to prolong your relaxation. Rest, recover, and enjoy.