The “Master” Brea Gratia Returns to Sanctuary Spa for 3-Day Training Course

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Brea Gratia joined us in Houston for Training.

Sanctuary Spa founder, Brea Gratia, was back in Houston last week to share her unique holistic approach to skin, body and hydrotherapy care with our team of estheticians and massage therapists.

Acting as a mentor and coach, Brea led our technicians through the journey of her remarkable 40 years in the spa industry and empowered them to create the most relaxing, beneficial spa experience imaginable.

The training began with a hands-on demonstration of Brea’s masterful facial techniques, treating our very own therapist, Ana, with a fabulous restorative facial.

The rest of the week’s classes included advanced massage and body techniques using natural products like seaweeds, muds, essential oils, and botanicals.

These lessons are at the heart of the Sanctuary Spa mission to always go above and beyond in making the spa experience a true retreat from life’s daily worries. The Sanctuary Spa team is even more excited to make the spa a comforting and healing space for all.

Our holistic protocols begin with aromatherapy and are packed with extra “goodies” (like back massages during our facials), that provide an opportunity to prepare the body and mind for the ultimate relaxing treatment. We encourage a complete holistic experience by starting every facial with a “connection” using your choice of one of our signature essential oil blends to encourage our guests to connect the health of the body to mind and spirit.

In 2013, Brea fulfilled a long-time dream and relocated to Ashville, North Carolina where she started Virtu, a facial, skin care and body care practice. Over the years, Brea has developed a set of unique skills and practices that set her apart from your average esthetician. Known as an acne and aging specialist, she is full of ideas and dives deep into the study of the skin and how it works. Featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Time Magazine, Travel and Leisure, and Town and Country, Brea is renowned for her innovation in the spa industry. Beyond that, she’s studied naturopathic medicine and is a certified Naturopathic doctor.

You can treat your skin to Brea’s Signature Restorative Facial at Sanctuary Spa. This popular facial features an amazing combination of cleansing and exfoliation with an additional deep pore treatment that is the key to a youthful, glowing complexion. Top it off with our signature massage techniques that allow you an escape into complete relaxation.

We can’t wait to put the new skills we’ve learned from Brea into practice! To schedule your own restorative escape schedule your visit online at