Spa Guide for Men

Sabrina Spa Notes ,
Spa Services for Men at Sanctuary Spa Houston

“The spa” – often what you think of when you hear the girls talk about their “day out.” Men, at some point, you’ve probably overheard the ladies discussing “the spa” or some form of its services. Although women tend to frequent the spa more than men, there are plenty of spa services that could be right up your alley – no feminine implications attached! The spa is for you too, and Sanctuary Spa invites you to experience the holistic benefits the spa has to offer. Check out our spa guide to see where the spa experience best fits you.

Post Workout

Physical activity is necessary to practicing a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes physical activity includes a run, weight room, workout routine, or sports game. Between all the activity, the aches and pains our bodies endure need to be cared for. It’s important to relieve the muscle tension, and a massage post workout can help soothe soreness and prevent your muscles from tightening up.

If you are an athlete who experiences pain and soreness from exercise, try enhancing your massage with the Sports Pack. The Sports Pack includes enhanced stretching techniques, massage via mentholated poultice balls that reach deep into sore aching muscles to produce deep relaxation and stress relief, and the application of natural products formulated for sports- related aches and pains.

Another perfect way to help remedy those tired muscles after an exhausting physical activity is with our Sporty package. Rejuvenate and repair your body with this luxurious spa service, meant for the most active athletes. Marathon runners, this package is for you! The Sporty package includes our Infusion Tub Therapy, a 60 min Sanctuary Signature Massage, and the Sports Pack enhancement.

Caring for the Face

Guys, between the sun, dirt and grime, and skin damage from shaving, your face takes a beating, so it’s important to properly clean and care for it. Men tend to have thicker skin, more oil, and larger pores that need cleaning and exfoliation, and because of their thicker skin, men can tolerate more frequent exfoliation. This helps keep pores clean and prevents buildup of oil and dirt that can cause inflammation and breakouts.

During our Microdermabrasion facial, our device propels fine crystal particles onto the surface of the skin, causing immediate exfoliation. The vacuum action stimulates blood flow, which helps accelerate the skin repair process while suctioning the crystals from the skin. You will see a reduction in fine lines, acne scars, burn scars, and hyper-pigmentation.

Keep the Body Healthy

Proper blood circulation is a key component of our health and wellness. Our circulatory systems move oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. You can assist that process, as well as experience many other health benefits, with our hydrotherapy tub. In the hydrotherapy tub, the Vichy Shower is known to not only oxygenate blood, but increase circulation through the body, decrease joint pain, relieve muscle pain, reduce muscle spasms and cramps, reduce nervous stress, and promote relaxation, rest and recovery.

In the Vichy shower, choose either the Vichy Contrasting or Relaxation, depending on your needs. In the Vichy Contrasting, the shower temperature alternates to oxygenate and detoxify blood. This version of the Vichy Shower is excellent for a devitalized body, low energy, or stress. In the Vichy Relaxation, 93-97 degree of warm water is used for deep relaxation to melt away the stress and provide relief.

Caring for the Lady

If there’s a lady in your life, there’s no denying that she probably enjoys the spa, as well as alone time with you. Carve out some time for the two of you to experience the holistic benefits of our Couples Signature Massage. Not only will you enjoy a massage, but you get to enjoy the company as well. This is the perfect gift to show thoughtfulness, while experiencing the benefits of muscle relief, relaxation and serenity. For this massage, our therapists will consult each of you, tailoring your massage experience to your body’s unique needs.