Simple Skincare for the Modern Man

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Sir Vital is Source Vital for Men

Sir Vital was formulated with the modern man in mind. They paid attention to every detail, addressing skin concerns, deep blue logo, naturally derived, with effective ingredients and woodsy, deep, warm, vibrant aromas that excite any man, or woman!

Taking the heart of Source Vital and tweaking ingredients, oils, and textures to suit specific Men’s needs. Ingrown hairs, variety of skin concerns like minimizing congestion or addressing acne, encouraging healthy radiant skin, and support skin as it ages are all goals of Sir Vital products.


How committed to skincare are you?

A lot of men find a simple, effective routine that is easily laid out not only takes guess work out of how to use the products but also encourages the actual use of them! Some guys also, are avid skin care lovers and thrive with complex routines. Pairing some targeted Rhonda Allison products with Sir Vital would be amazing. Products like Mandelic Arginine for overall brightness and protection, or shifting to the Beta Green Tea Cleanser during bouts of inflamed red skin and acne, are great options! Let’s run through a super quick routine that anyone can follow and use for guidance to grabbing a few skincare products!

Simple steps to follow…

Sir Vital Cleanse, is rich, invigorating, and deep pore cleansing. It’s a parallel product to our Source Vital’s Algae Deep Cleanse, think peppermint wake up calls, with an enhanced blend of Essential Oils to target brightness, dull skin, hydration, and more all while giving a deep, woodsy, earthy aroma. Spruce, Amyris, Sandalwood, and Patchuli to name a few!

How to use: This cleanser can be used morning and night, to remove dirt, oil, and impurities. Massage vigorously into skin and work into a rich lather (non sudsing!) and rinse with tepid water!

Grab a Source Vital Exfoliant to get your skin refined and renewed. The Silt Scrub is a great option for most skin types, gently resurfacing and leaves the skin feeling fresh. The grain size is easy to work with even with most beards but be sure to rinse really well after gently scrubbing the skin! Using the Aroma Peel is another great exfoliant, especially for our dudes with facial hair!

How to use: Apply 15-20 drops and massage into skin vigorously, then buff with a wash cloth and get ready to tone or apply your favorite serum!

Here is where you shift into your “treatment” flow of your skincare routine! Use your favorite toner, like Source Vital Blue Tansy Toning Essence; wonderful for sensitive to normal skin, balance, hydrate with Hyaluronic Acid and soothe. You can also grab a serum to target your concerns. Source Vital SV23 is an overall game changer to encourage hydrated, radiant, healthy skin, or Rhonda Allison’s Synergy A for those wanting Vitamin A in their routine or Grape Seed Hydrating Serum  to soften skin.


Y’all, now let’s get into BEARD care!

The trio of Beard Oils; Condition, Thrive, and Tame.

The Beard Oils by Sir Vital are exquisite products to add to your routine not only for beard care but also that precious skin underneath- it needs love too!! They carefully curated three go to Oils for any beard concern.

Thrive by Sir Vital uses Copaiba Balsam Oil, Hemp Seed, and Coconut Oil to encourage a thick, luxurious beard. Tame Beard Oil will condition and get any unruly or straggly beards to fall into place! This Peppermint Sage oil with Avocado Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil will please all your senses. Condition Beard Oil rounds out their trio, pulling together Blue Tansy, Avocado, Hemp, and Argan Oil to treat “beardruff”, dry skin, and course or brittle hair!

Sir Vital Beard Oil in use

Did you know that you can even customize your beard oil or a beard oil for a gift to suit specific concerns and preferences?! Yes! It’s so true and seriously there are so many combinations you can create, the options are literally endless. Choose from aromas like Black Pepper Pine, Cilantro Citrus, Cypress Mint, or Patchouli Lime… like whatttt? How divine do those sound?!? Creating a beard oil online is super simple and foolproof, truly a great gift for Birthdays, Father’s Day, or Graduations, even Christmas!

Don’t forget Sir Vital has your shaving needs to with their Shave, a gentle and soothing shaving cream, Soothe, made with Mango and Shea Butter, and Soothe to calm the skin post shave, with Aloe and Seaweed! Oh and of course, always moisturize and apply SPF during the day!


Ready for your spa trip?!

Are you ready to take the plunge into elevating your skincare AND beard care, or do you know someone who would love a new beard oil?! Stop by Sanctuary Spa, grab a few products, snag a Sir Vital Travel Kit, or even treat yourself or your man to a Debonair Facial to get personalized recommendations and experience the spa world for themselves!! We offer the Debonair Facial in 60 Minute ($110)or 75 Minute ($135) time lengths. This facial is fantastics for all the common skin conditions for males, whether they have beards or shave every day. With the hot towels, facial massage and deep cleanse, they will come out of this facial refreshed! Add on a Sanctuary Signature Massage for a great spa time!


Our Modern Man Package includes a Sanctuary Signature 60 Minute Massage Plus Sports Pack Enhancement and a Men’s Debonair 60 Minute Facial. For $290, this package includes gratuity and is the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Birthday, or any day! We look forward to seeing you and your loved ones at Sanctuary Spa soon.!


with joy,



Annie is a Licensed Esthetician who shares the love of holistic skin care, essential oils, and the mind body connection Sanctuary Spa treatments offer. Telling the story of Sanctuary is a passion of Annie’s and something she enjoys doing in this season of life outside the treatment room!