Sanctuary Spa Temporarily Closed – How You Can Help

Sabrina Spa Notes

We hope all of you, our guests, are doing well. We are all experiencing this challenging, unknown time, but we are all in it together. We have faith in our community to make our way through and past this time, coming out stronger on the other side.

We encourage you to continue supporting small and local businesses, if you have the means.

A few options for you to help our spa:

  1. Schedule your services for after April 4th
  2. Buy gift certificates or products
  3. Contribute to our Employee Fund


       1. Schedule your services for after April 4th

Our team is ready and excited to provide amazing services. To lift spirits and have plenty to look forward to, we’d love to see a full schedule for when we are able to open again. At this time, we are filling the schedule starting April 4th. We will be in heavy communication with all of our guests, especially as service dates are approaching. If either of us need to make adjustments to the schedule date and time, we’ll be happy to help.


      2. Buy gift certificates or products

Whether you are gifting yourself by prepaying for your upcoming services or gifting a loved one who needs some TLC after this experience or has a special occasion coming up, please consider purchasing gift cards:

You can also schedule your services online: While we may not know when we’ll truly be able to open, it lifts our hearts to see our guests signed up for services. If you have an idea of your “normal” availability and can commit to a service, please schedule now. We’ll communicate with you several days before the appointment. If you have any changes to your schedule, please just let us know as soon as you know.

Another option, for as long as we can support, please consider emailing or calling us to place an order for products. We can ship your products via USPS or provide curbside pick up for your order. Your esthetician or massage therapist will receive commission on your purchases. Looking to support, but haven’t been to the spa before? Any other commissions will go to our lovely guest care team.

  • Email us at with your order details
  • Call us at 713.622.7722 – if we don’t answer, please leave a voicemail
  • Direct message us on Instagram @sanctuaryspahou

Have questions about which products to get? Send your questions in your email and we’ll provide you feedback and product recommendations from our talented therapists.


      3. Contribute to our Employee Fund

Our spa is so special because of the amazing people that work here. Each and everyone of them truly cares about our guests and each other. The love we have been sharing as we all work through comprehending this period of time has been heartwarming. We are all truly uplifted by making every guest we interact with happier after their time with us. All of us would love to still be making great memories and experiences for y’all. As we are unable to do that safely at this time, if you’d like to continue to support our employees please consider contributing directly to our employee fund.

Simply email with the following information:

  • Amount you’d like to contribute
  • Approval to charge your card – either your card on file (please include the last 4 digits for verification) OR a phone number for us to call to get your credit card information to put into the system
  • Direction on applying the credit to a specific employee(s), to a specific team, or thee entire spa team

If  you don’t remember the names of the Sanctuary Spa employees you have seen, we can look the info up in our system to help.


We are all in this together. If you are part of a group raising funds for a local non-profit, please email me at if you would like a donation. Simply include your cause, any documentation or website info that you may have, and the dates for the fundraiser. I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

Be healthy, be well,