Let’s Wrap This Up!

Sanctuary Spa Service Spotlight

Body WrapBody wraps have been around since ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman times to help detoxify, relax and moisturize the body. Now we even have wraps to help with cellulite reduction, anti-aging,firming, contouring, soothing, and energy. The question is, do they really work?

Many articles have been written either praising the benefits or criticizing and claiming it is as quack logic. My firm belief is that there are definitely gimmicks out there, where all you lose is water weight or the technicians use tricks to make you appear to lose those inches. But a wrap should not make any promises or guarantees. Every “body” is unique, therefore, it will react differently to the wraps. The ingredients being used are also crucial to what outcome you will have with a wrap.

The ingredients are designed to draw out the excess fluids and toxins while restoring nutrients to the body. So the combination is key! A few of the beneficial ingredients you should look for in a wrap are:

Mud and seaweeds– which helps improve the metabolism of the cell and helps pull out toxins. It’s also great for detoxing and skin firming.

Caffeine– Helps increase metabolism, increase blood flow and facilitate the process of fat burning, and are able to remove fat which is accumulated in the adipocytes, the cells in which fat is stored.

Aloe Vera– Provides nourishment for healthy skin and encourages healing.

I think another important part of deciding if wraps really work, is to look at what your expectations are for this treatment. Are you expecting to drop a dress size after just one treatment? Are you thinking all the lumps and bumps will magically disappear? If you answered yes to these questions, then you will not be happy with your results.

It’s important to know going in that you will need to have a series of wraps, depending which wrap you are getting, and what results you are trying to achieve. Typically 6-12 treatments spaced 3-5 days apart are suggested for optimal results. You also need to be drinking plenty of water before and after your wrap, and practice healthy diet and exercise habits.

People are often surprised by some of the side effects they experience. Bloating, flu-like symptoms and fatigue can occur, which might make you think there is something wrong. This is caused from the ingredients in the wrap that are breaking down and removing the toxins, causing you to feel sick. Drinking plenty of water can help speed up recovery to help flush the toxins out.

I believe if you go in with the right “mind-set” and understanding of what the wrap is designed to do, then you will be very happy with your results. Wraps are great for relieving stress, increasing circulation, nourishing and hydrating skin, breaking up of fatty deposits and firming skin, while also helping to “reduce the appearance” (not completely get rid of) cellulite.

Although it would be great to leave our treatment looking like an airbrushed model on a magazine, just know that you are on your way to a healthier you, and… you are already beautiful! So wrap yourself in wellness 😉