Kim Bady’s Journey to the Houston Marathon

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The Chevron Houston Marathon is a big deal! Since 1972, this run has been inspiring Houstonians to take on new challenges and bring awareness to causes that matter to them. I admire all of the great athletes (33,000 of them!) that train for months leading up to the marathon to finish this great race.

This year, our very own Kim Bady has trained extensively to participate in the 2019 Chevron Houston Half Marathon. Not only is she running, but she’s running for a reason. The Run for a Reason Charity Program works with 64 nonprofit organizations. Last year, they raised over $1.8M! We are so proud of her. I sat down with Kim to ask her a few questions about her journey and understand which charity she is supporting.

1) Let’s start with the basics. Are you a runner?

Kim Bady Gets Ready for the Houston Marathon

I don’t consider myself as a runner, other than running track for 1 season in high school many moons ago. I really don’t call what Ido running. It’s more like jogging with an occasional speedy power walk to catch my breath. Nonetheless, I realize I’m pushing my body more and more each time I hit the 3-mile trail at memorial park, where I’m inspired by the runners of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

2) So, what made you decide to run the marathon?
I’m turning 45 years young soon, and I’ve always had a desire to challenge myself by participating in a half marathon and eventually triathlons.

3) What is your training program?

My training program started off as jogging 3 miles, 3 times a week. I’m starting to increase that the closer it gets to January. Now my goal is to jog 6 miles, 3 times a week. I also include weight training a couple of days a week. Before the half marathon, I plan to increase the distance to be sure I’m ready to run the half marathon–13 miles. My training is challenging for me but may not be very challenging for experienced athletes. My desire is to finish with a sense of accomplishment, not to beat a record time.

4) Any changes to your self-care routine to account for your changes in your activity?

I’ve definitely had to increase my self-care routine. I find myself stretching first thing in the morning and periodically throughout the day to prevent stiffness. When I do get stiff or have pains, I soak in Source Vital’s analgesic bath salts and rub analgesic bath and body oil on my aching joints. Scheduling massage and body treatments at Sanctuary Spa also helps work out the knots and pain in my glutes, hips, and lower back. After one of these treatments, I’m ready to get back out there on the track!

5) What charity did you select and why?

I’m raising funds for Open Door Mission, an organization that supports men and women in recovery. I chose this charity to honor my father’s memory. He was a recovered addict who started a program that housed and treated men and women who were fighting a similar battle. At his funeral, so many spoke about how he helped them and never gave up on them. This gives me the motivation and will be my focus to help me reach my goal of completing the half marathon.


The marathon is right around the corner! So excited to have seen Kim’s progress these past few months and even more excited to have our Sanctuary team cheer her across the finish line! We look forward to helping y’all prepare for the race or recover after you finish. In honor of her and all of your hard work, we’re offering a 30% discount on services for Marathon runners. Simply book your service this week or next. When you’re checking out, share your bib or your email registration confirmation.


Cheers to a great race and good luck!