Jill’s 3 Home Skincare Routine Tips

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Hey lovely humans, this week, I set some time aside to chat with Jill to talk skincare routine tidbits. One of my favorite parts of owning Sanctuary SpaJill, Sanctuary Spa Esthetician is being able to learn from all of our amazing therapists.  I love Jill’s passion for esthetics and her story about how she entered into this field. Of course, I always soak up every drop of knowledge about elevating my skincare routine. I’m so excited to share her story with you, so y’all can learn more about her! We decided to focus on our home skincare routine with Rhonda Allison products so you can stock up on great products.

Sabrina: Hi Jill! Thanks again for taking some time to share with our spa friends! When we decided to create a Rhonda Allison sale of 25% off all products, I knew I had to chat with you to get the best tips! However, let’s start with where you started – where did your passion for skin care begin? 

Jill: I’ve struggled with acne and other skin issues for most of my life which lead me to start researching skincare products. In time, I also studied ingredients and how they affect the skin. I’ve always loved trying new products and new services in the esthetics arena which is what really drives my passion. There are always new ingredients and treatments on the horizon so there is always something new to learn and experience.

Sabrina: That makes so much sense! I know you always go the extra mile for all of your guests, do extra research to make sure you address all of their concerns. I also love all of our podcast discussions, you for sure live and breathe all things esthetics! Around this time, we’re usually chatting about the effects of summertime or vacations on our guest’s skin. This year seems so much different though! Have you seen some common skin concerns from your guests recently? And what suggestions do you have to help their home skincare routine?

Jill: Of course, I’ve seen a lot of people breaking out from wearing masks. Also a lot of skin irritation on the nose, causing dry flaky skin to build up which in turn can lead to whiteheads and blackheads.  Also, the stress of everything going on can show up on your skin.  A lot of people working from home that I see have said they have been slacking on keeping up with their skincare routine resulting in those breakouts and just general dull dry, dehydrated skin.  It’s too easy to roll out of bed and just skip the skincare and go straight to your computer and work the day away… then you’re worn out so you just fall into bed. It’s been a stressful time for all of us.

I’m happy that so many of our guests are ready and wanting to come in and get a good deep cleanse. My favorite for acne is the Rhonda Allison Beta Green Tea Cleanser with Skincare Routine - Rhonda Allison EnzymeSalicylic Acid and Heart of Green Tea. A great addition to your homecare routine, especially after seeing me in the treatment room where I can apply a good Rhonda Allison enzyme which is perfect for this type of situation.

Enzymes digest skin on the surface that is ready to come off unlike a chemical peel which is more invasive. Enzymes are great for sensitive skin that needs a gentle nudge back into your regular exfoliation at home.  Rhonda Allison Derma Peel is a great starter enzyme. I’ve been using it a lot lately with new guests. It’s also nice for exfoliating dry lips as well, which also haven’t been getting as much TLC due to all of our masks.

Sabrina: Wow so true. I can see how people working from home can forget their full skincare routine when they feel like they haven’t “gone anywhere”. You’re so right though that even our mental stress, what’s happening inside, will show on our skin! Considering social distancing, summertime, upcoming fall time, what services do you most recommend to have within the next couple of weeks? 

Jill: As we were discussing, gentle exfoliation is a great starting point. If you’re feeling really dry and dehydrated, adding a microdermabrasion is a perfect combination with an enzyme to remove that dead dry skin build up which in turn preps your skin for nourishing hydrating serums and creams.

An ideal combo after a gentle enzyme and microdermabrasion would be to add on ourOxygen Facial for Skincare Oxygen Infusion with the Rhonda Allison O2 Vitalixir. Rhonda Allison’s nourishing infusion concentrate which is loaded with antioxidants. Glycerin, which is great for hydration. Niacinamide good for skin balancing and oil regulation. Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate which is a gentle Vitamin C derivative.

This combination provides the skin with hydrating, calming and healing benefits to help in revealing a glowing complexion. The perfect treatment to renew and soothe irritated and damaged tissue.

Sabrina: Ahh yes, I love a good Microdermabrasion and Oxygen combo! Add in our LED with our Tres Luxe Facial and I am in heaven!! Ok, so we all know a facial once a month can’t “fix” our skin though right? So what do you say are the 3 most vital parts of a home skincare routine? 

Jill: Everyone’s skin is different but most can benefit from a good Vitamin C or antioxidant serum which works hand in hand with the most important skincare ingredient – sunscreen! It is better to prevent than try to undo damage done to the skin. The sun is the number one killer of collagen. Sunscreen provides protection from daily free radical damage, and environmental stresses such as exposure to pollution. Rhonda offers lightweight sunscreens that can really battle the powers of the sun.

Next I love a good gentle exfoliating product. Exfoliation coupled with a Vitamin A are Mandelic Arginine Serum Skincare Goalsyour nighttime champions. Rhonda Allison makes an amazing, gentle AHA exfoliant called Mandelic Arginine Serum.  It is gentle enough for our rosacea sensitive skin guests. This corrective formula utilizes the Amino Acid L-arginine and Mandelic Acid to promote healing while gently exfoliating – all while loaded with antioxidants and offers antibacterial support.

Sabrina: Such great info! Thanks for highlighting all of these Rhonda Allison products to help our guests make the best selections for our sale! 25% off is such a great deal! What are your other fav Rhonda Allison products right now?

Jill: Right now I’m loving the growth factor serums to calm, heal and stimulate collagen production for stressed out skin. Growth Factor Gel is a lightweight serum for oilier skin and necessary for acne prone skins who are using exfoliating treatments like Synergy A or Mandelic Arginine Serum. It has Aloe Vera and applies like a hydrating primer under makeup. My daytime favorite!

Growth Factor Serum is the next level up growth factor product as it’s more silky and really ramps up healthy tissue regrowth and balances moisture content for drier skin types. I love this serum for night after my Synergy A, which is my next favorite product.

Synergy A is a beautifully formulated Vitamin A that is micro encapsulated form from Retinal with a strengthening blend of stem cells to reduce inflammation and bacteria, promote healing and increase cell turnover.  This is a powerful starter retinal gentle enough even for  sensitive skin.  Retinol is scientifically shown to stimulate collagen production which naturally decreases as we age.

Sabrina: Awesome! Thank you so much for all that info! I think our guests who read this blog will definitely have a better idea of what to buy! Let’s end our chat with some more insight about you. Specifically, for someone who spends so much time caring for others, what do you do for self care?

Jill: Now, this is a tricky question for me right now. It is definitely something I am working on. Usually, I practice self-care by taking trips with friends and family, but since we aren’t traveling like we used to I’m trying to find other ways to fit self-care into my routine. I have been Celluma LED Light Therapy Skincare Routinekeeping up with my massages, which are vital. Anyone who works with their hands must take care of their “tools”. Thankfully, we have some amazing massage therapists who are always  willing to give me tips if I have shoulder trouble or back pain.

I also am a big advocate for LED light therapy. So much so I own my own Celluma LED device! I love to lay under the relaxing lights for 30 minutes before bed as it really helps me sleep better. To me it’s very relaxing and I try to fit it in 3 times a week. I find the most comfort in my daily prayer life, which calms my mind and puts any worries into God’s hands. So, always a work in progress, but those are my go-to’s for self-care.

Sabrina: Awesome, Jill. Thank you so much for those tips! Following you on Instagram, I also see your patio garden as a big outlet for self-care for you! Having such a terrible green-thumb, I love seeing all of your plants, especially as they flourish with all the love you pour into them. Thank you again for taking some time to chat with me for this week’s blog! I feel totally validated in choosing you to highlight some Rhonda Allison products for our guests to buy in the upcoming sale. As always, I am amazed at your deep knowledge of skincare. Your passion always shines through! And, how fun that our sale is also your birthday!! Happiest of birthday wishes, Jill, for a splendid year ahead! 





Sabrina,  owner of Sanctuary Spa, loves all things self-care, bodycare and skincare related! Sanctuary’s talented team inspires her everyday to learn more. Thankfully, she’s surrounded by the best and the brightest in the business! Everyday, we’re able to help so many guests enter the spa stressed and leave totally relaxed. That transformation makes her day and provides value to her life. When not at the spa, she’s spending time with her hubby, two children, three guinea pigs, and doggy, loving life with all its twists, turns and surprises.