5 Easy Ways to Relax

Sabrina Spa Notes ,

Our minds and bodies are often stretched to the max with all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Sometimes, we need to escape the craziness as a healthy and necessary break from reality. Relaxation is what our bodies desperately need, especially in the midst of stress. Here are a few holistic and healthy ways to help you relax.

Plan Time for You

There are always going to be obligations, people, events, work, etc., that fill your week and keep you busy. To combat the consistent flow of hectic activity in your life, plan time for you. Before your week starts, plan where and when you can experience some delightful solitude.

Here are a few ways to start relaxing your mind:

  • Praying
  • Meditating
  • Make a Gratitude list. A gratitude list allows you to focus on things in your life worth celebrating, helping to elevate your mood and attitude. Gratitude evokes certain emotions within us, making it more difficult for stress or anger to exist during this exercise. It helps to physically write it down, making the list tangible and real.

The options are endless! Time to yourself is a holistic practice that is healthy to both your mind and spirit. Allow your mind to clear, and rejuvenate your soul while you reflect on the bigger, significant things in life.

For your Precious Body

It’s undeniable that our bodies truly relax through the power of touch and treatment. Massage increases blood circulation, helps reduce tension, and aids in easing tired and worn muscles. To unwind and experience full relaxation, try dimming the lights and indulging in a specialized massage where technicians use a holistic health approach to cater to your needs. Your opportunity to truly relax your heart and mind is a reality at Sanctuary Spa.

Sip Away Stress

Tea Time

Herbal teas are a great bet when seeking to wind down and relax. Here are a few herbal teas to consider for relaxation:

  • The soothing Valerian root tea can help one achieve a good night’s sleep. With a calming aroma, it is effective at easing stress or anxiety symptoms, allowing for a more relaxed you. Valerian root tea has been known to help treat insomnia.
  • The aromatic chamomile is soothing, calming, and mildly sedative. After a hectic day, chamomile is exceptionally relaxing.
  • Motherwort is a relative of the mint family and can help calm the nervous system. It is also known to help ease heart troubles.

Fresh Juice

Our bodies desperately need antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamin deficiency can have a negative impact on the body and mind. Natural, fresh juices are filled with essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, all of which can help regulate the body’s response to stress. In fact, B vitamins are very helpful for stress management.


Along with a multitude of other benefits, staying hydrated can help prevent the likelihood of experiencing stress or anxiety. When our bodies are dehydrated, they don’t function properly. Symptoms such as poor blood flow, tense muscles, and trouble focusing can all be a result of dehydration and contribute to stress. Staying hydrated can also improve mood. Drink plenty of water and say goodbye to anxiety.

Along with hydrating our bodies internally, it’s important to hydrate  and care for out outer selves as . Our Infusion Tub offers a soothing retreat that is great for detox and stress relief, similar to the relaxing feeling of soaking in a warm bath at home. Your bath is infused with nourishing Laminaria algae powder, therapeutic Dead Sea salts, and aromatic essential oils to pamper the skin, body and soul.

Essential Oils

Essential oils offer hydration and remineralization, oxygenation, detoxification, immune support, and relaxation. Source Vitál Apothecary’s essential oil line takes a holistic and naturopathic approach using earthderived, natural ingredients. Some of our favorite essential oils to help lift your stress and worries are Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot and Sandalwood.

To soothe your skin, mind and body, here are a few ways to best relax with essential oils.

  • Breathe in the aroma from the bottle
  • Steam inhalation from warm water or an aromatic diffuser
  • Mix with a light carrier oil and apply to your body
  • Use in a relaxing massage
  • Add to the floor of your shower to create an at-home spa environment
  • Add a few drops of your favorite relaxation oils to a warm aromatherapy bath