Helpful Tips to Stay Balanced During COVID-19 Times

Sanctuary Spa At-Home Tips & DIY

In these challenging times, Sanctuary Spa’s Licensed Massage Therapist Eric would like to share a few tips to help us all through these challenging times:

Staying mentally stable.

With all that’s going on it’s very important to stay mentally stable. At this point, there is no time limit or guarantee when this crisis will end. Most of us are used to working and having a daily routine. A healthy productive positive routine keeps our minds occupied and gives us purpose and a sense of worth and peace. It’s essential that we keep positive and proactive, for it keeps our mind and spirit engaged and flowing. With the implementation of social distancing and modified work schedules, it’s easy to fall into depression anxiety and despair. Create your new routine balancing responsibilities and positivity.

We must create a new norm in these uncertain times!

Understand that there is only so much that we can control. Release those things that we can’t. This issue is global, affecting us all – absolutely no one is exempt. In sharing this coronavirus pandemic we are connected so don’t allow your mind to venture into that desolate place. Whatever spiritual faith you may practice or believe in rededicate yourself to it! Belief is a power tool in maintaining your peace of mind and positivity. Meditate, pray and read the Bible – or whatever spiritual books or materials that provide a sense of calm and balance in your spiritual body.

Disconnect in order to reconnect.

Make time to disconnect from the news and social media! It’s important that we stay informed on new information and guidelines to help combat this virus and keep us and our families safe. But buying into the panic and every post that doesn’t provide a sense of calm and make common sense is a dark road to go down. It will only cause anxiety and add to an already confusing and chaotic state of mind. Focus on real connections with family, friends, co-workers, people in need.


Make time to exercise! Exercise releases stress, keeps your mind focused, body strong, and immune system working at 100 percent. All of the things we need right now. Maybe a challenge for some people if your favorite gym isn’t open, but just walking everyday and/or implementing simple calisthenics and stretching routine are things that you can do indoors with no equipment. Keeping a strong body will help keep a strong mind and vice versa!


It’s very easy right now to gain unwanted weight with all the stationary time we have on our hands these days. So, make smart and healthy choices in buying food and snacks. Try not to overindulge, this will only add to weakening your immune system by consuming excessive amounts of sugar and salty foods. Stay hydrated and focus on protein greens and fiber rich foods to keep your body lean and digestion system working optimally. Don’t deprive yourself though, make room for the occasional indulgence while focusing on optimum health.

Finally Laughter!

It’s been proven that laughter actually strengthens the immune system and creates healthy hormones like endorphins. Make time on purpose to laugh. Watch comedies and create and play games with your family or friends that create the opportunity to have those gut busting laugh attacks. Use those devices we all have in some shape or form (phones, smart tvs, laptops etc) for this comedic outlet by reaching out to connect and laugh!


Eric is one of Sanctuary Spa’s valued Licensed Massage Therapists. Having been licensed massage therapist since 2009, Eric has studied the body extensively and has worked with all kinds of guests with varying lifestyles and concerns. When he’s not doing massage, he enjoys writing poetry, working out, listening to great music, watching movies, cooking and serving God. In these difficult times, he has focused on this list to stay upbeat and aware.