Fun with Tamara

Sydney Davis Spa Notes, Technician Bio

I recently got to speak with Tamara, who’s absolutely the sweetest person ever, and is also an esthetician here at Sanctuary Spa! I learned so much about her in our chat. I’m excited to share with you guys. We talked about Tam’s favorite things. From working in this industry to what she does in her free time and her Knesko Skin product recommendations.

1. What’s your favorite part about working in this industry?

My favorite part is seeing guests’ confidence rise. When a guest and I find solutions and build regimens together. The result is not just youthful skin, but building their confidence and self esteem. I love helping people look and feel their best.

 2. What do you like to do in your free time?

I have many interests such as exercising, listening to podcasts, organizing, and I just discovered that I love antiquing and looking for new treasures for my home. The most recent podcast I’ve listened to is called “Serial.” It’s an investigative journalism-type podcast about a case being opened back up after a murder. It’s so good!!

 3. What do you think is a must-have Knesko Skin product?      

Probably the Nano Gold Mask with the Knesko Jade Roller. It’s one of my favorites because it completely rescues my skin! It works for fine lines, sun damage, redness, and puffiness. The jade roller is a little heavier and bigger; I really like that (because it means good quality!) It just feels effortless whether I’m doing lymphatic drainage or pushing serum into my skin.

   4. What’s your all-time fave product that we carry in the Spa that you can’t live without?

My favorite product is Rhonda Allison’s Balancing Grapeseed Serum. I use it at night after cleansing and it brings my red skin back to balance. It’s a light hydration and it’s the perfect product for hormonal issues. I will never be without it!! When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels calm and nourished.

 5. We know you absolutely love skincare– how do you help your guests achieve their goals and skincare needs?

First, I listen to their goals/expectations beforehand. Then, I am able to really examine their skin, see what their problems/ concerns are, and see what certain products they could benefit from. Once I’m done with their facial, I’m able to make recommendations of products we have in the Spa to provide them with a good home care regimen, and of course to maintain the facial they received. Once I provide them with a skincare routine, I’ll monitor their skin when they come in for their following facials and see the progress we’ve both made with their skin.

Rose QuartzOne of our favorite brands here at Sanctuary is Knesko Skin. We love this brand so much because they align with the things we believe in– positive energy and good, clean skincare. Knesko’s products have the most unique ingredients and deliver an essence of connecting with your chakras and giving you a good balance of each one.

Knesko ingredients range from Diamonds, Nano Gold, Rose Quartz, and Black Pearl. The Diamond opens your Crown Chakra and leads you to confidence and creativity. The Gold Mask, which is a symbol of beauty, purity and happiness opens your Third Eye Chakra, which leads to a purer life. The Black Pearl is a symbol of prosperity and power, which opens your Root Chakra, helping with self-confidence. The Rose Quartz is the embodiment of love while opening your Heart Chakra to encourage self-love.

At Sanctuary Spa, we strive to make our guests feel confident in their own skin and bring them happiness from each visit.




Sydney recently completed her bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at the University of Central Arkansas. While in Arkansas, she discovered her love for strategic communication, social media marketing, and as well as being on the guest care side of the beauty and wellness industry.  One of Sydney’s favorite aspects about this industry is learning about skincare, so she can not only use the best products for herself, but recommend them to others.