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I, Annie, was excited to team up with our in house Brow Goddess herself, Courtney, to get her perspective on all things brows & JKC. With the quarantine still in effect for many, & brow goals waiting to happen, let’s get the flowing with Court!

Quick background about you, how did you get to become such a brow slayer, Brow Confidant?! I’ve always been obsessed with my own brows, specifically giving myself that high arch that everyone loved. Before I became an esthetician, I would always go to nail salons to try to get the perfectly sculpted brow and no one could ever achieve it. When I enrolled in school 11 years ago, that was one of my biggest focuses. From then on, I was the only person who ever sculpted my own brows and I was able to achieve what I wanted. My brows and I have been through a lot. With my own personal experience in mind, I always wanted to give my guests the same experience when they were entrusting me with their brows. I became obsessed with listening to their goals and working on making it happen for them! With doing cosmetic tattooing- I am able to make their brow dream a reality!

With Sanctuary offering Nano Brows, Henna Brows, and Sanctuary Signature Brow; can you describe these a little bit and what the services entail?

The Nano Brow is the REAL DEAL. This is my cosmetic tattoo technique where I use a sterile, tiny sized needle and a cosmetic tattoo device to permanently implant pigment into the skin. With this method, I am able to design their ideal and perfect brow that won’t wash off after a couple of days. This technique is minimally invasive and will not cause scar tissue over time, unlike the microblading technique. I customize each and every brow that I do for the individual I am working with so everyone leaves my room looking and feeling like an enhanced version of themselves!

The Henna Brow is my signature service that is a PERFECT introduction to the Nano Brow. This service is totally temporary but lasts long enough to see what having a more defined, fuller brow looks like. This service involves my signature brow mapping where the guests facial structure is mapped out and taken into consideration of designing the shape. Then we use quality henna plants from Egypt to stain the brow skin and hair area and sculpt the brow either with wax or henna to give the ultimate shape! For most guests, the henna can stain the skin for up to 7-14 days and up to 3 months on the hair! Which is 4x as long as traditional brow tints using peroxide. This is one of my most popular non-permanent services that I offer.

The Signature Brow takes brow shaping to a whole new level. The Signature Brow is a great way for someone who wants their brows to be professionally defined, without too much drama. In this service, the facial structure is mapped using my signature mapping technique, then our customized traditional brow tint is applied to the brows to help add definition and cover those pesky greys. Once the desired tint has been achieved, we sculpt the brows using wax and/or tweezers and then fill in the brows using Jentry Kelley Cosmetics brow makeup. This is also an excellent way for our guests to get tips and tricks on how to fill in their brows once they leave the spa. The Signature Brow is also a great baby step to the Nano brows procedure.

I love being able to offer all types of brow services to my guests, some more intense than others. With these three services, I am able to satisfy everyone!

How can we achieve a gorgeous brow at home?! Do you recommend tweezing or trimming at home in between treatments, or should we leave them alone?! 

My biggest and best suggestion is to mostly, LEAVE them alone. Invest in quality brow products, like the JKC brow gel, brow pencil and brow lift to help shape the brows and to cover any pesky hairs that grow in between appointments. Tweezing little noisy hairs in the center of the brows and around the eyelids is also a great way to maintain. You just want to make sure you never go into the brow bone area as you risk never seeing those hairs again.

If you had to pick 3 Brow Must Haves… what would they be?!? 

My ultimate go to product is the Clear Brow Gel from JKC. I absolutely love this brow gel because it doesn’t crust up or flake on my brows throughout the day. Since I’ve had my brows Nano’d this is the ONLY product I use daily to get my brows looking as fierce as ever. The clear brow gel is hands down, my top seller.

Another must have would be the Brow Lift by JKC. THIS PRODUCT IS A GAME CHANGER! The compact itself has a shelf life of 2 years and a little goes a very long way! You are really getting your bang for your buck with this product. The brow lift is meant to be applied under the last 2/3 of the tail of the brow. This gives the illusion of an instant brow lift and truly helps define the brow area.

The JKC Ultra Fine brow pencil is another top seller. The pencil is retractable and leaves such a soft, smudgeless effect. The pencil is so fine that you can even lightly pencil faux “hair strokes” into the brow to give a fluffier illusion. This was a must for me before I had my brows nano’ed! This is a great in-between product for my Henna and Signature Brow guests.

What skin products are you really digging right now?

With everything going on with COVID,  I am all about letting my skin breathe right now. I am really taking this time to give it the nourishment it needs to not get stressed. My favorites are:

Rhonda Allison:

Cucumber Spritz (I use every morning and night post cleanse)

         C-Peptide Complex (Every morning post cucumber spritz)- VITAMIN C POWERHOUSE!

         Hyaluronic Serum (Morning and night post c-peptide)- ULTRA HYDRATION

Source Vital:

         Luminous Infusion (EVERY NIGHT mixed with prickly pear oil)

         Prickly Pear Oil (Every night as my final moisturizer)

         Aroma Peel (My weekly chemical exfoliant! I love the smell and the feeling it gives my skin for days!

Thank you for inspiring us Courtney! I personally am dying to get a nano touch up, but also want the Henna Brow, and I’m ready for some home brow love with JKC products. Sign me up for allllll the things! If you have any unanswered questions about the magic and details of our Brow Services here at Sanctuary Spa, our team is ready to guide you! Pop in for you JKC products now until 8/20/20 for your 20% discount and be sure to book your brow treatment as well. We are so looking forward to seeing you.