Benefits of a Sanctuary Spa Signature Massage

Marisol Castro Spa Notes

Massage therapy offers a lot of great benefits for the mind, body and soul. Have you experienced the wonders of a Sanctuary Spa Signature massage? Keep reading to understand the massage benefits and our Sanctuary Spa Signature massage elevations. Plus, learn how to choose your massage times based on the benefits. We guarantee that you will want to run to schedule a massage!

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Let’s start out with the benefits: stress relief and relaxation are what most of us think about when we hear the word “massage”. There are so many benefits that massage therapy brings. Improving circulation, energy and alertness, reducing pain, muscle soreness and tension are just a few. With reducing stress and tension comes lowering heart rate and blood pressure as well as improving your sleep patterns. In addition to great health benefits, massage therapy also improves flexibility and mobility and reduces pain and fatigue.

Benefits are so great for anyone, even if you do not feel like you have obvious pain or soreness. The past couple of years have been full of change and that has taken a stressful toll. The stressors may always be there. But being able to reduce it with a bit of TLC can make a significant improvement on how you tackle your daily tasks and live life to the fullest!

What makes Sanctuary Spa the best?

Why come to Sanctuary Spa? The answer is simple. Our therapists listen to your concerns and care about creating your perfect massage experience. Our Sanctuary Spa Signature massage starts with a consultation, every time. The therapist will determine what massage modalities you are in need of based on your description of your aches, pains and daily routine. It can be Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point therapy with firm to mid pressure.  They also may incorporate some sports massage aspects or lymphatic massage too.

After the consultation,  the therapist will step out so you get snuggled in the warm massage table. Once they step back in, they’ll help you clear your mind with some deep breaths and aromatherapy before starting the massage. We like to encourage our guests to take this time to meditate and let go of any stress, worries or outside problems. During your massage time our therapists will work on any problem areas, tension relief and use techniques and stretches to restore inner peace and relaxation.


How much time should I reserve for my massage?

Time plays an important role in your massage. More time allows for the therapist to provide more targeted relief to more areas. We offer 120 minute, 90 minute, 75 minute, 60 minute, 45 minute or 30 minute massages. The time determines how much relaxation, pain relief or stress relief you leave with after your service. That said, any amount of time is better than no time. Plus, our therapists are amazing at what they do so you’ll walk out better than you came in for sure.

Massages at Sanctuary Spa Houston

Our 30 minute massage is great for any of you who want to come in on their lunch break. While not enough time, generally, for a full body massage, it can be helpful. We recommend this massage to a new guest who has never had a massage before and wants to get a feel for it, or to a re-occurring guest who only has one problem area to focus on. Our 45 minute Massage can become a full body massage or it can focus on two areas of the body. Let’s say you are having neck and shoulder pain, our 45 minute massage will allow our therapists to focus on those areas during your time with them.

Our 60 minute massage allows the massage therapist to give you a full body massage and focus on one problem area. It’s also great for maintenance mode. Once you’re on a regular schedule of getting massages, depending on your lifestyle, you can go to 60 minutes for great results. If you have more than one problem area, we recommend our 75 minute massage that allows you to receive a full body massage and allows the therapist to work on two focus areas.

Our 90 minute massage is recommended to those who want a full body massage, plus 1 to 3 areas of focus. This time frame allows your therapist to give your problem areas a bit of extra focus and attention. Lastly, our 120 minute massage is great for those of you who have not received a massage in a long time. Additionally it is great for those who are very stressed out or have multiple problem areas that need focus.

How often should I schedule a massage?

We encourage our guest’s to get regular massages every 4-6 weeks. This way  your body can get used to that relaxation, become or maintain flexibility and to allow our massage therapist’s to work out any soreness or tension that may accumulate with time. Receiving regular massages will allow you to enjoy of all of the benefits that we listed above. Furthermore, you will feel like a healthier version of yourself! A great way to keep your self-care in mind is to join our membership program! For $99 a month you can enjoy a 50 min massage each month. In addition, a free product of the month, 10% OFF all products and 15% OFF additional services. If you enjoy those longer massages, you can upgrade your service and pay a small upgrade fee at the end of your service.

Where do I schedule or sign up!

You can call us at 713-622-7722 and our lovely guest care team will help you schedule. As well as walk you trough the option that is best for you. Additionally, you can email us at or schedule online at Make sure to follow our social media @sanctuaryspahou to stay on top of last minute openings and any promotions!