4 Hot Reasons to Love an Infusion Tub

Hydrotherapy Infusion Yub at Sanctuary Spa Houston

At Sanctuary Spa, our holistic approach to wellness is incorporated in all spa services, including our Infusion Tubs. Our Infusion Tubs are great for detox, stress, low immunity and general wellness. Your tub water is infused with nourishing seaweed, Dead Sea salts, and aromatic essential oils for your overall health.

Depending on what your body needs, you may choose from any one of our four specialized tubs. We hope this 25-minute service leaves you feeling luxurious and revitalized. Each tub variation has special settings that change the water flow and jets – designed specifically to best reap the benefits of each tub, as well as for where the therapy focus is. Your therapist will cater to you during your treatment, providing an icy compress for your forehead to ensure a refreshing and relaxing experience. This healing water tub provides a relaxing, floating sensation – your perfect escape.

1. Relaxation Tub

If you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or are simply looking to find a little peace and tranquility, the relaxation tub is for you. The Relaxation Tub uses a blend of aromatic oils formulated specifically to help reduce stress and provide serenity to your life, as well as help combat mental fatigue. It’s the perfect escape after a long day in the office. This tub is formulated with a tranquil blend of essential oils, dead sea salts and algae powder to help nourish the skin.

2. Lymphatic Drainage/Detox Tub

This tub is great for detox and renewal of the body. This blend of aromatic oils is specially formulated to help ease stress, cramps, or issues in the lymphatic system. It’s great for high levels of toxicity and can also help improve circulation. This lymphatic-loving recipe helps revitalize the lymphatic system, and includes Dead Sea salts and algae powder to feed skin.

3. Sports (Sore Muscles & Joints) Tub

This rejuvenating bath is great after a long workout. It’s the perfect remedy for sore or achy muscles and joints. If you are dealing with a sports injury, this is the spa service for you.

This infusion tub uses specially formulated ingredients, such as aromatic oils that are designed to help ease the feeling of inflamed muscles and joints, including arthritis. The oils in this bath also have aromatic qualities that can soothe the pain of a migraine or headache. This tub also contains renewing ingredients, such as dead sea salts and algae powder.

4. Skin Softening & Hydrating Tub

This enriching tub is great for nourishing and hydrating the skin. If your skin is feeling rough, dry, or undernourished, this is the tub for you. The perfect blend of aromatic oils helps reduce the feeling of tension. Other ingredients are algae powder, dead sea salts, and coconut powder to feed your skin the nourishment it deserves.

Services to Pair

The Infusion Tub is a great service to pair. For example, after an infusion tub, indulge in a scrub. By pairing the infusion tub before a scrub, you can make the scrub service more effective – you loosen the dead skin in the infusion tub, making it easier to remove during the scrub. The result reveals a new, softer skin, reaping the optimal benefits of a scrub!

Try adding a massage after a detox infusion tub. The detox tub will help detoxify your system while the warm water helps you to relax and find solace – perfect right before a massage! The massage then continues to stimulate the lymphatic system, furthering the detoxifying process. Throughout these two services you will be in a relaxed state, experiencing a therapeutic “mini-getaway.”

Listen to your body and think about what it needs. Each person is different and has different needs, that’s why we offer multiple variations of our Infusion Tub. Consult with any of our technicians to figure out which Infusion Tub would be best suited for you. We want you and your body to get the most out of our spa services!