Holidays Paul

                      New Year, Your True Year!

As we contemplate 2020 and our transition to 2021, we want to center around something meaningful. Let’s take this time to embrace our true-self. We’ve all seen so much happen in 2020, including being stripped of so many activities and traditions we thought were an integral part of what made us, us. Yet, we want to look at our 2020 experience and identify the good and the bad… the great and the not so great so we can make some decisions on how we want to move into 2021. Look to 2021 and create your resolutions based on it being your true year. Make meaningful choices and decisions to surround yourself with people, items, activities that will contribute to your true-self. We hope self-care is a key part of your commitments in the coming year.

Sanctuary Spa Membership

Our Sanctuary Spa Membership is one way to commit to your self-care and experience such great savings. At only $99 per month, it comes with many excellent benefits. Each month, choose between a facial or massage. We’ll also give you a free product each month so you can try some of the great products that we use in our services. We also offer discounts on your enhancements and other services. If you’re unable to come in one month, your service can rollover to the next month so you can enjoy a massage and facial the next month. You also have the flexibility to share your services with your bestie or partner.

Natural Skincare Products

And, of course, this year has taught us that we have the power to recreate so much in our own homes. For those times that you can’t come in to our spa for services, use our natural products at home. Start with your ambience with our aromatherapy items including candles, essential oil diffusers, and jewelry. Continue to your body care products with muscle relieving bath and body oils, detoxifying dead sea salts, cleansing body washes and moisturizing body creams. Elevate your skincare with natural, botanical based facial cleansers, exfoliators, serums, and lotions. Shop from the comfort of your home. Select Curbside Pickup or Ship for Free when you order more than $70.

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