Holidays Paul

New Year, Celebrate You!

Anybody else feels like this year is moving sooo fast!! Can’t believe it’s already New Years!!

So many times, New Year’s reflections and resolutions can turn into a list of “fixing” all the things you did “wrong” last year. Sometimes they can be entirely unrealistic too. We’re looking to encourage and support our guests to CELEBRATE their wins from 2019 and BUILD upon those successes with their 2020 goals. We also want to hear your one-word intention. This word will serve as something for you to come back to throughout the year to refocus you on your intentions. 

To make it fun, we’re going to do 3 giveaways for the first few weeks of January!

Giveaways will be

  1. January 3rd we’ll giveaway 3 Months of Membership
  2. January 10th we’ll giveaway Tres Luxe Face Facial
  3. January 17th we’ll giveaway Seaweed Wrap + 30 Min Sea Salt Scrub + 90 Min Massage + Celluma LED Enhancement

Entry Rules: 

In Spa: 

  1. Stop by 🙂 Pick up a Fill In Goals card
  2. Write your goals, intention, name and number
  3. Submit your entry

Via Instagram: 

  1. Copy our Fill In Goals Story
  2. Fill In YOUR goals & word intention
  3. Post the story and tag 3 friends & sanctuary spa


You can enter 1x per day (so you can do multiple if you come in several times over the giveaway time)

Cumulative entries – so if you enter on January 2nd but don’t win on the 3rd, you’ll still be eligible for the January 17th drawing, for example!


Best of luck to a happy, healthy new year!