Waxing & Hair Removal Services Paul

Say bye bye to shaving every day!

Sanctuary Spa uses only the most effective yet safe products that are beneficial to your skin and body. Our estheticians are trained in various techniques to make your experience as customized and pleasant as possible.


Waxing is for speed and efficiency in removing unwanted hair. We prefer to use creme wax at a medium temperature with muslin strips for removal. We understand hair growth and we are experts at managing ingrown hairs. Our team of experienced technicians maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and will give you a great waxing experience for hair removal for up to eight weeks.

Bikini $45

This includes two inches on each side of the pubic area, where it would be at the sides of a bathing suit. It also includes one inch off the top.

Bikini Extended $60

This option is for those who want more than a basic bikini, but less than the Brazilian. Choosing this option means removing hair from the sides of the bikini area, as well as a thin line of hair from the labia.

Brazilian $95

This option includes all of the hair in the pubic area, everything in the front, and the hair between the buttocks.

Brow Wax $25

This service is a clean up of your existing brow shape.

Brow Shape $35

Beginning with a consultation, our trained estheticians will discuss the your goals for your brows and the ideal shape to match your facial structure. This service is usually best purchased in a series of 6, so that you can partner with your esthetician to get the best brow shape with your natural brow hair.

Cheeks $35
Chin $25
Lip - Upper $20
Full Face (Brows not included) $60
Half Arm $50
Full Arm $65
Underarms $35
Lower Leg $70
Upper Leg $75
Full Leg $125

Please note that all hair must be approximately 3/16 to 1/4 inch long in order to be waxed. If the hair has been previously shaved and is not long enough for us to wax when you arrive for your appointment, there will be a booking fee equal to 25% of the dollar amount of the service booked if you should have to reschedule the appointment.