Media and Press Paul

Sanctuary Spa has been recognized in some of the most prestigious magazines and newspapers around the country, plus countless local media outlets. Here are a few samples.

Recent News

"Houston's Best Spas - 10 Pampering Palaces That Wow" in Paper City - September 2019 Issue


"The Houston Guide" on GOOP

"Best Massage: Sanctuary Spa Houston" on Houston Life - August 2018

"I Tried An Oxygen Facial and Here's What Happened" on Resplendently Living - August 2018

"8 Most Indulgent Houston Day Spas to Relax & Indulge" in Culture Map July 2018

"The Glow Up" on Resplendently Living - July 2018

"Sanctuary Spa" on Spa Getaway - January 2018

"Massage Moguls" in CityBook - December 2017 Issue

December 2017 CityBook - Massage Moguls

"Sanctuary Spa" on Correr Scherer

2017 CW39 Newsfix Mother's Day Giveaway at Sanctuary Spa

"15 Best Spas In and Around Houston for Some Mommy Time" from Kid 101
Sanctuary Spa in Kid 101

"BRIDES Houston: Best Spas to Pamper Your Bridesmaids Before the Big Day" in Modern Luxury Weddings - October 2015


"The Sanctuary Day Spa Turns 31, Honors Former Competitor's Unredeemed Gift Cards" from Houston Chronicle - May 2015

Local News

Sanctuary featured in local Houston news and press.

Sanctuary Spa in National Press

From Allure to Vogue, Sanctuary has been featured in some largest and most prestigious media outlets in the United States.

Sanctuary Spa in Allure Magazine
Sanctuary Spa in Town and Country
Sanctuary Spa in Texas Vacations
Sanctuary Spa in Time Magazine
Sanctuary Spa in Travel and Leisure
Sanctuary Spa in Vogue Magazine