About the Spa Paul

Welcome to Sanctuary Spa, where mind, body and soul are nourished.

Sanctuary Spa is a tranquil and intimate wellness center offering you holistic and aromatic spa services performed by a team of experienced professionals.

We rescue you from the stress of current life and help you recover and repair with skin, body and holistic energy balance services. Our therapists soothe and heal, balance and enhance with progressive treatments and services that are inspired by natural plant and flower essences.

Guest service is the most fundamental element of our spa philosophy and the heart for our success. We provide extraordinary guest services and creative excellence for everyone that visits the spa.


Sanctuary Spa’s Vision for our Guest is to provide an amazing spa experience that is personalized to meet the guest’s expectations and needs, helping to better their body, mind and soul. 

Sanctuary Spa’s Vision for our Business is to create a positive work environment, consciously building a team that is passionate about our spa, our guests, the growth & success of our business, resulting in personal fulfillment and maximum proceeds for all involved!


Sanctuary Spa vows to support, develop, and prepare an exceptional team of spa professionals to deliver an impressive, tailored, wellness-inspired spa experience to every guest utilizing aromatherapy and natural products.



The Sanctuary Commitment

Get a Great Facial at Sanctuary Spa in HoustonWe focus on providing a true therapeutic experience. Whether you need relief from pain, release of tension, stress reduction, orsimply to relax and feel your best, Sanctuary Spa is committed to your well-being, nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

The Sanctuary Experience

A Unique Approach to Spa, our Values

We invite you to relax and rejuvenate your skin, body and mind at our serene spa. We believe the following values are vital to our approach:

Guest Focus

We call spa clients “GUESTS.” They are our GUESTS that every spa team member caters to, delivering an amazing experience. We value understanding diverse guest needs. We promote guest loyalty and satisfaction through quality in all of our interactions, products, services and follow ups. Whether an experienced spa-goer or a first-timer, we plan to WOW them so that no other spa experience will compare to the experience they had with us.

Teamwork, Empowerment & Involvement

We work together to deliver the ultimate spa experience and accomplish goals and objectives. We respect team ideas and constructive critiques. We value different styles, abilities and motivations. We understand that each of us plays an important role in the spa, that our voice and our actions are needed to improve the spa. Most importantly, we always hold each other and ourselves accountable. We lend a helping hand when we can, knowing that our teammates will happily help us in return. 

Continuous Improvement

We like and value self-starters who take action to achieve goals beyond what is required. We are proactive, look for creative solutions, and fresh ideas to meet new challenges and opportunities.  We are committed to ongoing training – actively participating in company-sponsored vendor, product and service training, external conferences, and spa-aligned courses. We promote helping others and learning through shared effective practices and work experiences.

Health & Wellness

We encourage team members to establish a balance of work, family, and social interests. We value bringing energy, enthusiasm and commitment to all aspects of our lives and inspiring our guests with ways to enhance their health & wellness.  

Honesty & Integrity

We believe it is essential to always conduct yourself in a professional manner and do what is ethically right.  We believe in building trusting, long-term relationships based on the principals of honesty and loyalty.


We strive to create a climate of effective, respectful, timely communication where people can share information about their work and are open to diverse perspectives. Throughout the spa, whether in the treatment room, the lobby or the breakroom, we keep it positive and understand professional boundaries. 

Have Fun!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, we hope to create an environment that you contribute to, that adds to the fun in your life!