Expert Tips to Help You Care for Oily Skin

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It seems like we always wish to have the type of skin opposite of what we were given. If you have dry skin, you are fed up with the feeling of tight skin and always needing to reapply moisturizer to keep your skin from looking dull and flaky. With oily skin, most fight acne and breakouts and long for the feeling of balanced skin. Needless to say, each skin type has its own challenges, but for us at the spa it is oily and acne-prone skin that has many of our guests struggling to find effective at-home treatments.   READ MORE >

The Undeniable Wonders of Exfoliation

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At Sanctuary Spa, we believe our skin is precious and deserves to be properly cared for. Alongside cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliation is a step in your routine that is very important to getting you the results you desire. Removing dead skin, providing nourishment, and adding glow to your skin are just a few of the many benefits that exfoliation can offer. Whatever your skin type, exfoliation is something your complexion can absolutely benefit from. Here are few things to be mindful of when considering exfoliation.   READ MORE >