7 Meaningful Ways to Take Care of Your Body After Travel

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Traveling comes with much excitement – staying up into the wee early hours to see a new city, experiencing new cultures, lifestyles, time zones, foods and fun. During our travels, we often push ourselves to the limit in our quest to experience and take in everything we can for the little time we are there. By the end of the trip, your body probably feels a bit drained. Help refuel and remedy your fatigued, post travel body with these holistic practices.


During and after travel, our body’s energy is used to the max, and we often come home feeling depleted. To combat the loss of energy, it’s important replenish fluids that were lost while traveling. Immediately upon return, it’s a good idea to drink lots of water to rehydrate and make your body feel better equipped for your transition back home.   READ MORE >

How Often Should You Really Get a Massage?

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Ease Aches & Pains with a Massage at Sanctuary Spa Houston

While many save trips to the spa for special occasions, your overall health can benefit significantly from incorporating massage therapy into your health and wellness routine. From soothing chronic aches and pains, to speeding athletic recovery, the benefits of regular massage are plentiful. How often you should get a massage for optimal results depends on your lifestyle, as well as what you would like to accomplish through massage therapy.

Regular massage can help:

  • Reduce stress
  • Soothe chronic pain
  • Elevate athletic performance
  • Speed recovery time post injury/surgery

Stress Reduction

If you find that your stress levels are relatively low to mid-level, treating yourself to a massage once or twice a month should be sufficient for you to reap the benefits. Not only does massage calm the nervous system, but it helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation, improving your overall health. Those with physically taxing jobs or who work in high-stress environments should consider weekly massage sessions to help reduce stress.   READ MORE >

6 Astounding Benefits Yoga Can Provide

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At Sanctuary Spa, we believe in holistic wellness practices and take an approach toward spa services that prioritizes your health. Incorporating holistic practices in multiple aspects of life engenders optimal health and wellness. Like many of our spa services, the holistic practice of yoga provides an opportunity to increase your overall wellness – what we value most here at Sanctuary Spa.

Yoga has been a physical, spiritual and mental practice throughout many cultures for thousands of years. The practice of yoga has adapted to various belief systems and techniques in its long evolution. There are many reasons why people practice yoga today. Whether it’s to embrace the physical body, enhance spiritual life, create a clear mental space, or any combination thereof, yoga offers indisputable health benefits.   READ MORE >

How to Choose Your Massage

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Holistic Massage at Sanctuary Spa Houston

Whether you’re suffering from tight muscles, or you just need a little rest and relaxation, our massage treatments will help you unwind and renew your mind and body. Not sure what your body needs? We’re here to help!

A key part to a great spa experience is making sure you’re in the right hands. Therapists at Sanctuary Spa are expertly trained to understand body mechanics – how muscle pain is related to specific points on the body – as well as holistic massage practices.

There are many different types of massages, and selecting the technique that’s right for you can seem daunting. Our therapists use multiple massage techniques, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Lymphatic. Each massage session can be completely customized to your needs, so you may prefer a combination of these techniques.   READ MORE >

The “Master” Brea Gratia Returns to Sanctuary Spa for 3-Day Training Course

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Brea Gratia joined us in Houston for Training.

Sanctuary Spa founder, Brea Gratia, was back in Houston last week to share her unique holistic approach to skin, body and hydrotherapy care with our team of estheticians and massage therapists.

Acting as a mentor and coach, Brea led our technicians through the journey of her remarkable 40 years in the spa industry and empowered them to create the most relaxing, beneficial spa experience imaginable.

The training began with a hands-on demonstration of Brea’s masterful facial techniques, treating our very own therapist, Ana, with a fabulous restorative facial.   READ MORE >

Health Benefits of a Massage

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The Best Massage in Houston is at Sanctuary Spa

Who doesn’t love taking a step back from reality to enter the ultimate stage of serenity? Massages have always been a well-regarded method to take time out from the stressors in our daily lives. However, there is much more to massage therapy than meets the eye. Massage therapy not only brings us peace, but it includes a multitude of health benefits. Here are some ways we can truly benefit by integrating massage therapy into our regimen.

Counterbalance Postural Stress

Like much of America, our corporate jobs require us to sit at a desk most hours of the day. Hours of hovering over a desk can cause a perpetual hunch, wrecking our posture. Whether you sit at a desk most hours of the day or not, postural stress is extremely common. Massage therapy can help relieve pain associated with postural stress and improve posture over time.   READ MORE >

The Power of Meditation

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Despite meditation’s steady gain in popularity in recent years, many may find they know little of what the practice entails or the benefits it can reap. The idea that mediation is reserved for Buddhist monks and yogis is simply not true. Whether you’re searching for enlightenment or just craving a moment of peace, anyone can benefit from practicing meditation.

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation began as an exercise for spiritual growth. Secular meditation emphasizes relaxation, self-improvement and stress reduction. Not only can meditation benefit your emotional well-being, but your overall health as well.   READ MORE >

6 Great Gift Ideas for the Spa-loving Mom

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Happy Mother's Day from Sanctuary Spa Houston

It's that time of year again. That time when you rack your brain to find something special and unique for Mother's Day. On top of that, you need a gift for your mom, your grandmother, maybe your wife, maybe even your mother-in-law. It can be a challenge. We understand. Well, maybe we can help a little. Here's a list of spa service and product ideas to make your search a little easier... READ MORE >>

7 Reasons Why You Should Experience Sanctuary Spa

Feeling tense and in much need of some revitalization? Well, Sanctuary Spa is the perfect destination for you. We design our nourishing spa practices with the goal that you leave rejuvenated and revived in mind, body, and spirit with our aromatherapeutic and holistic health approach.

Our Skilled TechniciansLuxurious Facials at Sanctuary Spa Houston

Each technician at Sanctuary Spa is licensed and certified according to industry standard and trained above and beyond industry norms. We evaluate your health history, challenges and lifestyle to ensure we provide the ultimate service that is right for you. Technicians are matched to your requested pressure level and esthetic needs.   READ MORE >

Let’s Wrap This Up!

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Body WrapBody wraps have been around since ancient Egypt, Greece and Roman times to help detoxify, relax and moisturize the body. Now we even have wraps to help with cellulite reduction, anti-aging,firming, contouring, soothing, and energy. The question is, do they really work?

Many articles have been written either praising the benefits or criticizing and claiming it is as quack logic. My firm belief is that there are definitely gimmicks out there, where all you lose is water weight or the technicians use tricks to make you appear to lose those inches. But a wrap should not make any promises or guarantees. Every “body” is unique, therefore, it will react differently to the wraps. The ingredients being used are also crucial to what outcome you will have with a wrap.   READ MORE >