Self-care: Make Your Wellness a Priority this Fall

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From Glamour to Buzzfeed, Women’s Health to social media and your local news shows –  the term “self-care” is everywhere these days. But what is self-care, and how do you incorporate it into your routine? We all try to take care of ourselves, but how do we do it?

Put simply, self-care is any activity we engage in deliberately to nourish our physical, mental or emotional health. It sounds straightforward, but it’s something that can often be neglected when we become wrapped up in things like work, family or chores. Proper self-care can not only improve your mood and reduce anxiety, but it can help prevent burnout.   READ MORE >

Expert Tips to Help You Care for Oily Skin

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Woman with Glowing Complexion

It seems like we always wish to have the type of skin opposite of what we were given. If you have dry skin, you are fed up with the feeling of tight skin and always needing to reapply moisturizer to keep your skin from looking dull and flaky. With oily skin, most fight acne and breakouts and long for the feeling of balanced skin. Needless to say, each skin type has its own challenges, but for us at the spa it is oily and acne-prone skin that has many of our guests struggling to find effective at-home treatments.   READ MORE >

Relaxation Tips for the Extra Stressed

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“Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” ~ World Health Organization

Mental health usually takes a back seat to everything else in our busy lives. In an age where everyone is always connected and always moving, mental health issues fade into the background. We tend to focus much more on our physical and social health, and we don’t take a minute to think about our mental health. We are surrounded by stigmas about therapy and mental illnesses that make it even harder to acknowledge that sometimes we need to take a step back and focus on our mental state.

There are numerous events and situations that can take a toll on your psychological well-being, from stress at work to a traumatic event such as Hurricane Harvey. Although these are two very different situations, there are tactics you can use to ease psychological trauma and focus on your mental health in either case.   READ MORE >

Supercharge your Health and Well-Being with These 5 Tips to Detox Your Body

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Remove Toxins for the Body for Holistic Wellness

These days it seems like everything has “toxins.” Non-organic produce, makeup, cleaning products, scented candles – the list goes on. While sometimes it may seem that dangerous chemicals are unavoidable, there are steps you can take to reduce their effects on your health and well-being. Here are a few easy ways to detox your in your everyday.

Reduce Your Exposure

It seems like a no-brainer, but the first step to reducing the a

mount of toxins your body is taking in is to decrease your exposure. If you can, try switching to organic foods and drinks. Avoid using or purchasing products that are chemical laden, such as household cleaners and personal care items. Try DIYing your own cleaning solutions and begin phasing over to all-natural makeup, skincare and personal care products.   READ MORE >

4 Hot Reasons to Love an Infusion Tub

Hydrotherapy Infusion Yub at Sanctuary Spa Houston

At Sanctuary Spa, our holistic approach to wellness is incorporated in all spa services, including our Infusion Tubs. Our Infusion Tubs are great for detox, stress, low immunity and general wellness. Your tub water is infused with nourishing seaweed, Dead Sea salts, and aromatic essential oils for your overall health.

Depending on what your body needs, you may choose from any one of our four specialized tubs. We hope this 25-minute service leaves you feeling luxurious and revitalized. Each tub variation has special settings that change the water flow and jets – designed specifically to best reap the benefits of each tub, as well as for where the therapy focus is. Your therapist will cater to you during your treatment, providing an icy compress for your forehead to ensure a refreshing and relaxing experience. This healing water tub provides a relaxing, floating sensation – your perfect escape.   READ MORE >

5 Ways to Have the Best Spa Experience

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Visit Sanctuary Spa for an Escape

If you’re new to the spa, we understand not knowing what to expect or how to act can be a source of anxiety. Have no fear, we’re here to help! From tipping to proper attire, we’ve got you covered.


To ensure your spa experience is nothing less than totally relaxing, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. If you’re new to the spa, please allow 30 minutes to accommodate completion of your guest profile. Once your forms are complete, we welcome you to relax and have a snack or a drink in our meditation room.    READ MORE >

Your Personal Guide to Getting the Best Facial for your Skin

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Seaweed Detox Facial

Healthy, soft, glowing skin. Yes, it is possible! With the right care and maintenance for your complexion’s needs.

Your skin may have common tendencies within a particular skin type but the truth is, no one’s skin is the same. Lifestyle, genes, climate, skin care routines and many other factors impact the complexion. Our philosophy at Sanctuary Spa Houston is to understand the underlying issues with your skin and customize our services to meet your individual concerns.

The Personalized Facial

Diagnosing what’s going on with your skin can feel overwhelming. Oily and dehydrated? Dry with breakouts? Normal? The good news is you are not alone, our experienced technicians are here to guide you through every step.   READ MORE >

What to Look for in your Spa Treatment

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Escape at Sanctuary Spa Houston

Spa treatments are a wonderful way to relax, revitalize your body and practice self-care. When done right, a spa treatment can be rejuvenating and stress relieving. But when the spa treatment is less than quality, it can cause you more stress and result in an uncomfortable experience. To ensure that you are getting the treatment you deserve, keep an eye out for some of these things during your spa experience.

Spa Atmosphere

A major part of a spa experience is the spa’s atmosphere. Cleanliness should always be a priority for a spa that wants to provide the best experience for their guests. Health and wellness are core values at Sanctuary Spa, and cleanliness is something we prioritize. We consistently sanitize our tools and environment. Maintaining a sanitary space provides well-being to not only our guests, but to the health of employees as well. In addition to cleanliness, aroma and atmosphere also play a major part in a spa experience. We use essential oils in many of our services – giving our guests an aromatic atmosphere that allows them unwind and experience tranquility.   READ MORE >

The Undeniable Wonders of Exfoliation

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At Sanctuary Spa, we believe our skin is precious and deserves to be properly cared for. Alongside cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliation is a step in your routine that is very important to getting you the results you desire. Removing dead skin, providing nourishment, and adding glow to your skin are just a few of the many benefits that exfoliation can offer. Whatever your skin type, exfoliation is something your complexion can absolutely benefit from. Here are few things to be mindful of when considering exfoliation.   READ MORE >

Essential Oils at Their Core

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Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

We’ve all heard the term “essential oils” used before; however, how to best and properly use them to reap the many benefits they provide might not be so obvious. Essential oils provide great benefits to our skin, body, and hair, but they also aid in relaxation and emotional support. At Sanctuary Spa, we believe in using natural ingredients in our spa services because we love the holistic benefits they provide to the mind, body and spirit.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids or oils that are obtained by distilling the seeds, leaves, branches, wood, bark, berries, flower, sap, needles or peels from plant botanicals. The oil that is produced during distillation retains the powerful properties that control the plant’s functions, quite like how human hormones, proteins and enzymes keep our bodies functioning at their best. Because of their chemical components, essential oils increase the body’s ability to receive the nutrients it needs to maintain optimum health. Our bodies are able to identify the natural composition of the oils and can more easily assimilate them for their therapeutic use.   READ MORE >