Kim’s Skincare Routine & Massage Tips

Sydney Davis Spa Notes, Technician Bio

This week, I got to talk to one of the most knowledgeable people I know regarding massage and esthetics, Kim!!  Kim is our Senior Esthetician and Massage Therapist at Sanctuary Spa. We talked a bit about her Cidesco certification, (which is super amazing!!) what she does in her free time, and, of course her skincare routine, including what her fave products are right now.  Can’t wait for you guys to hear more about Kim!

Kim's Skincare RoutineSydney: So I know you have your Cidesco certification– which is kind of a big deal!! Can you tell me more about it and when/how you received it?   READ MORE >

Jill’s 3 Home Skincare Routine Tips

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Hey lovely humans, this week, I set some time aside to chat with Jill to talk skincare routine tidbits. One of my favorite parts of owning Sanctuary SpaJill, Sanctuary Spa Esthetician is being able to learn from all of our amazing therapists.  I love Jill’s passion for esthetics and her story about how she entered into this field. Of course, I always soak up every drop of knowledge about elevating my skincare routine. I’m so excited to share her story with you, so y’all can learn more about her! We decided to focus on our home skincare routine with Rhonda Allison products so you can stock up on great products.

Sabrina: Hi Jill! Thanks again for taking some time to share with our spa friends! When we decided to create a Rhonda Allison sale of 25% off all products, I knew I had to chat with you to get the best tips! However, let’s start with where you started – where did your passion for skin care begin? 

Jill: I’ve struggled with acne and other skin issues for most of my life which lead me to start researching skincare products. In time, I also studied ingredients and how they affect the skin. I’ve always loved trying new products and new services in the esthetics arena which is what really drives my passion. There are always new ingredients and treatments on the horizon so there is always something new to learn and experience.   READ MORE >

Fun with Tamara

Sydney Davis Spa Notes, Technician Bio

I recently got to speak with Tamara, who’s absolutely the sweetest person ever, and is also an esthetician here at Sanctuary Spa! I learned so much about her in our chat. I’m excited to share with you guys. We talked about Tam’s favorite things. From working in this industry to what she does in her free time and her Knesko Skin product recommendations.

1. What’s your favorite part about working in this industry?

My favorite part is seeing guests’ confidence rise. When a guest and I find solutions and build regimens together. The result is not just youthful skin, but building their confidence and self esteem. I love helping people look and feel their best.   READ MORE >

Self-Care Tips with Tina

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Tina is one of my all time favorite massage therapists, if you’ve ever had a massage with her, you know! She’s the kind of person that has the warmest energy that makes you feel so comfortable. I had the chance to dive a little deeper into some of Tina’s history with her move to Texas, Source Vital product preferences & her massage style, and even a glimpse into her personal side including how she practices and prioritizes self-care!

When you relocated from Louisiana did your skin/body experience any changes?   READ MORE >

Brow Goals, Tips from Courtney

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I, Annie, was excited to team up with our in house Brow Goddess herself, Courtney, to get her perspective on all things brows & JKC. With the quarantine still in effect for many, & brow goals waiting to happen, let’s get the flowing with Court!

Quick background about you, how did you get to become such a brow slayer, Brow Confidant?! I’ve always been obsessed with my own brows, specifically giving myself that high arch that everyone loved. Before I became an esthetician, I would always go to nail salons to try to get the perfectly sculpted brow and no one could ever achieve it. When I enrolled in school 11 years ago, that was one of my biggest focuses. From then on, I was the only person who ever sculpted my own brows and I was able to achieve what I wanted. My brows and I have been through a lot. With my own personal experience in mind, I always wanted to give my guests the same experience when they were entrusting me with their brows. I became obsessed with listening to their goals and working on making it happen for them! With doing cosmetic tattooing- I am able to make their brow dream a reality!   READ MORE >

At Home Facial

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Create Your Spa Day at Home

We’re big believers in the importance of self-care by going to the Spa ;). It’s especially important to follow through at home.  Having a skincare routine at home will ensure that you’re taking good care of your skin, and that your facial you received is maintained.  It also allows you to take a few minutes to yourself to decompress after a long day, or of course if you’re getting ready for the day.  The products that our estheticians use are available for purchase– which makes it so much easier to recreate your facial at home.  I personally have oily skin, so finding that perfect skincare routine has definitely been a challenge.  After many, many years of trial and error, I think I’m finally onto something!  To all of my oily-skinned ladies (and guys,) here are a few of my skincare steps that have benefited my skin and also my well being.   READ MORE >

Helpful Tips to Stay Balanced During COVID-19 Times

Sanctuary Spa At-Home Tips & DIY

In these challenging times, Sanctuary Spa’s Licensed Massage Therapist Eric would like to share a few tips to help us all through these challenging times:

Staying mentally stable.

With all that’s going on it’s very important to stay mentally stable. At this point, there is no time limit or guarantee when this crisis will end. Most of us are used to working and having a daily routine. A healthy productive positive routine keeps our minds occupied and gives us purpose and a sense of worth and peace. It’s essential that we keep positive and proactive, for it keeps our mind and spirit engaged and flowing. With the implementation of social distancing and modified work schedules, it’s easy to fall into depression anxiety and despair. Create your new routine balancing responsibilities and positivity.   READ MORE >

Sanctuary Spa Re-Opening Sanitation and Hygiene Standards

Sabrina Spa Notes

Sanctuary Spa is now offering facials, waxing, massage, nano brow, nano lip and yoni steam services in addition to selling retail products online for curbside pickup or shipping. We are not offering hydrotherapy services at this time.

Sanctuary Spa consistently maintains a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation. Given the current COV-ID 19 pandemic, we have reevaluated every aspect of sanitation to ensure the safety of our team and guests.

Below covers our requirements and guidance for effectively sanitizing and disinfecting our spa and interactions between employees and guests to reduce the spread of communicable diseases, as much as possible. All employees coming back to work have signed off on the below commitments.   READ MORE >

Sanctuary Spa Temporarily Closed – How You Can Help

Sabrina Spa Notes

We hope all of you, our guests, are doing well. We are all experiencing this challenging, unknown time, but we are all in it together. We have faith in our community to make our way through and past this time, coming out stronger on the other side.

We encourage you to continue supporting small and local businesses, if you have the means.

A few options for you to help our spa:

  1. Schedule your services for after April 4th
  2. Buy gift certificates or products
  3. Contribute to our Employee Fund

       1. Schedule your services for after April 4th

Our team is ready and excited to provide amazing services. To lift spirits and have plenty to look forward to, we’d love to see a full schedule for when we are able to open again. At this time, we are filling the schedule starting April 4th. We will be in heavy communication with all of our guests, especially as service dates are approaching. If either of us need to make adjustments to the schedule date and time, we’ll be happy to help.   READ MORE >