How to Spa – Sanctuary Spa Experts Reveal Their Favorite Treatments

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We all love insider tips, so we asked our team of spa professionals to share their favorite spa services at Sanctuary Spa Houston. From fabulous facials to therapeutic massage and even hair removal – there’s a little bit of everything here.

It helps that our talented technicians know Sanctuary Spa and our service menu front-to-back! Not only do they spend countless hours in our treatment rooms using the products and equipment with clients, but they also research the latest wellness techniques to improve their skills. And it’s all because we want you to have the best possible spa experience.

Our Experts Favorite Spa Treatments

“My favorite spa service to receive is a massage with sports enhancement. I love being able to stretch during a massage. It leaves me feeling refreshed and limber. My favorite service to give is any facial with the seaweed poultice. I’ve been experimenting with the algae, and it gives such immediate results. All facials can benefit from this enhancement.”
– Jonathan W.

“I’ve never had a facial like the one at Sanctuary. The facials we offer are what made me want to work here! I love the facials because, while I’m getting a facial massage, my face is being cleaned and purified at the same time.”
– Jessica G

“I love doing the restorative facial. It’s a wonderful service that leaves guests feeling refreshed and their skin looking younger.
– Kimberly M.

“The personalized facial is my favorite service. After hearing a guest’s concerns, I can then create an experience and apply products that leave them feeling radiant and younger.”
– Ana S.

“Waxing is my favorite spa service. Sanctuary Spa’s estheticians pair the appropriate wax to match the guest’s hair and skin types. They use pre- and post-wax products that leave you feeling soft and smooth! I would recommend a waxing service to someone who has never been waxed or who has had a bad experience elsewhere. Our technicians are professional and knowledgeable, which make me feel comfortable and confident.”
– Kristen K.

Our team of experts wants to ensure a rewarding and relaxing experience at Sanctuary Spa. Carve out some personal wellness time for yourself to try one of our technicians’ favorite services – a personalized facial, massage, or waxing service.

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