Benefits of a Sanctuary Spa Signature Massage

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Massage therapy offers a lot of great benefits for the mind, body and soul. Have you experienced the wonders of a Sanctuary Spa Signature massage? Keep reading to understand the massage benefits and our Sanctuary Spa Signature massage elevations. Plus, learn how to choose your massage times based on the benefits. We guarantee that you will want to run to schedule a massage!

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

Let’s start out with the benefits: stress relief and relaxation are what most of us think about when we hear the word “massage”. There are so many benefits that massage therapy brings. Improving circulation, energy and alertness, reducing pain, muscle soreness and tension are just a few. With reducing stress and tension comes lowering heart rate and blood pressure as well as improving your sleep patterns. In addition to great health benefits, massage therapy also improves flexibility and mobility and reduces pain and fatigue.   READ MORE >

Mother’s Day gift guide

Marisol Castro Spa Notes

Gifts for all the mama’s

With Mother’s Day being a few days away, you may still be trying to find a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for the leading ladies in your life. Well, Sanctuary Spa is here to help with all the ideas for the best Mother’s Day gift! So, we have created a gift guide with wonderful products that all of the mamas will love. We have awesome recommendations for the on the go mamas, mamas to be, toddler mamas, retired mamas, and all the in between.

Products that all will love

Let’s start out with a few products that we know all of the moms will love.   READ MORE >