The Undeniable Wonders of Exfoliation

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At Sanctuary Spa, we believe our skin is precious and deserves to be properly cared for. Alongside cleansing and moisturizing, exfoliation is a step in your routine that is very important to getting you the results you desire. Removing dead skin, providing nourishment, and adding glow to your skin are just a few of the many benefits that exfoliation can offer. Whatever your skin type, exfoliation is something your complexion can absolutely benefit from. Here are few things to be mindful of when considering exfoliation.   READ MORE >

Essential Oils at Their Core

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Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

We’ve all heard the term “essential oils” used before; however, how to best and properly use them to reap the many benefits they provide might not be so obvious. Essential oils provide great benefits to our skin, body, and hair, but they also aid in relaxation and emotional support. At Sanctuary Spa, we believe in using natural ingredients in our spa services because we love the holistic benefits they provide to the mind, body and spirit.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the concentrated liquids or oils that are obtained by distilling the seeds, leaves, branches, wood, bark, berries, flower, sap, needles or peels from plant botanicals. The oil that is produced during distillation retains the powerful properties that control the plant’s functions, quite like how human hormones, proteins and enzymes keep our bodies functioning at their best. Because of their chemical components, essential oils increase the body’s ability to receive the nutrients it needs to maintain optimum health. Our bodies are able to identify the natural composition of the oils and can more easily assimilate them for their therapeutic use.   READ MORE >

The Incredible Benefits of Akasuri Scrub

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Feeling a little “meh” lately? Nothing refreshes the body, mind and spirit like a nice scrub down. If you’re in need of new start, or even just a little pick-me-up, our invigorating Akasuri Scrub is your ticket.


Although the word “Akasuri” is Japanese in origin, this style of body scrub originated on the Korean peninsula. In Korean culture, bathing represents the purification of the soul, and Akasuri Scrub is the cornerstone of the Korean approach to holistic health and wellness.

Massage & Vichy Shower

Traditionally, the treatment begins with a visit to either a hot shower, bath, steam room or sauna. At Sanctuary Spa, we begin with a light massage, and move on to washing the body with an exfoliating glove. After this preparation, you will be given a relaxing, warm Vichy shower. The Vichy shower helps to increase circulation through the body, oxygenate the blood, decrease joint pain, relieve muscle pain, reduce muscle spasms and cramps, and reduce nervous stress and promotes relaxation, rest and recovery. It also helps soften the skin, preparing it for the scrub.   READ MORE >

5 Easy Ways to Relax

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Our minds and bodies are often stretched to the max with all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Sometimes, we need to escape the craziness as a healthy and necessary break from reality. Relaxation is what our bodies desperately need, especially in the midst of stress. Here are a few holistic and healthy ways to help you relax.

Plan Time for You

There are always going to be obligations, people, events, work, etc., that fill your week and keep you busy. To combat the consistent flow of hectic activity in your life, plan time for you. Before your week starts, plan where and when you can experience some delightful solitude.   READ MORE >