Our Holistic Approach

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At Sanctuary Spa, we take a holistic approach to our spa practices. This means we take time to ensure the mind, body and soul are all cared for. We are committed to your well-being and seek to impart a truly therapeutic experience to each of our guests. Whether you’re seeking relief from pain, stress reduction, release of tension, or simply relaxation, our unique approach will leave you not only looking your best, but feeling your best as well.

Our therapists soothe and heal, balance and enhance with progressive treatments and services that are inspired by natural plant and flower essences. While our team of seasoned experts help to ensure you’re receiving exceptional service and treatment, it is our principles that are vital to our unique approach.   READ MORE >

The Minkyti® Facial – The Best Facial on the Planet for Dry and Aging Skin

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Relaxing Facial Massage at Sanctuary Spa

One of our main concerns for our skin is preventing and reducing the visible signs of aging. To do that, we must infuse dry and aging skin with nourishing essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids and enzymes.  When the skin is dry, sloughing of dead skin cells is too slow and circulation is minimal, all resulting in sluggish cell renewal and a reduction in that healthy glow that keeps us looking young.

With our unique Minkyti® Facial*, we combine expert techniques that go to the core of what’s causing skin to weaken and age. No other method is as comprehensive in naturally stimulating your complexion to look its best. Deep cleansing and exfoliation are combined with shiatsu pressure point and connective tissue massage to increase circulation to the connective tissues of the face, neck and décolleté area, allowing for greater penetration of nourishment directly into the skin.   READ MORE >

What to Do Before & After a Massage

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Make sure to stretch before and after massages

We often discuss the many wonderful benefits a massage can have on the body. From relaxed muscles to an overall reduction in stress and anxiety, the effects massage can have are truly incredible.

Part of ensuring that you get the most out of your massage and that you’re properly caring for your body, is taking the appropriate steps before and after your treatment. Here are some pointers on how to fully reap the benefits of your massage experience.


Prepping prior to your massage is key. If you’re planning any rigorous workouts the day of your massage, we recommend doing them before your session. Massage helps to lengthen and loosen up the muscular system. Attempting to perform high-intensity activities immediately following a massage may increase your risk of injury. The ideal time to get a massage would be after a workout, to help soothe tired muscles.   READ MORE >

Spa Guide for Men

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Spa Services for Men at Sanctuary Spa Houston

“The spa” – often what you think of when you hear the girls talk about their “day out.” Men, at some point, you’ve probably overheard the ladies discussing “the spa” or some form of its services. Although women tend to frequent the spa more than men, there are plenty of spa services that could be right up your alley – no feminine implications attached! The spa is for you too, and Sanctuary Spa invites you to experience the holistic benefits the spa has to offer. Check out our spa guide to see where the spa experience best fits you.   READ MORE >