Health Benefits of a Massage

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Who doesn’t love taking a step back from reality to enter the ultimate stage of serenity? Massages have always been a well-regarded method to take time out from the stressors in our daily lives. However, there is much more to massage therapy than meets the eye. Massage therapy not only brings us peace, but it includes a multitude of health benefits. Here are some ways we can truly benefit by integrating massage therapy into our regimen.

Counterbalance Postural Stress

Like much of America, our corporate jobs require us to sit at a desk most hours of the day. Hours of hovering over a desk can cause a perpetual hunch, wrecking our posture. Whether you sit at a desk most hours of the day or not, postural stress is extremely common. Massage therapy can help relieve pain associated with postural stress and improve posture over time.   READ MORE >

The Power of Meditation

Sabrina Spa Notes ,

Despite meditation’s steady gain in popularity in recent years, many may find they know little of what the practice entails or the benefits it can reap. The idea that mediation is reserved for Buddhist monks and yogis is simply not true. Whether you’re searching for enlightenment or just craving a moment of peace, anyone can benefit from practicing meditation.

Practiced for thousands of years, meditation began as an exercise for spiritual growth. Secular meditation emphasizes relaxation, self-improvement and stress reduction. Not only can meditation benefit your emotional well-being, but your overall health as well.   READ MORE >