Hydrotherapy, Wraps, and Scrubs Paul

“Naturopathic” hydrotherapy is how we think of our work at Sanctuary Spa.

Our belief in the therapeutic use of hot and cold applications of water to the body for a period of time has a profound effect on the quality of one’s health. Hydrotherapy is the application of water in any form either externally or internally, for the treatment and maintenance of health.

Baths and Showers

Vichy Shower $65

You will find with each Vichy Shower treatment, a feeling of effervescence, much like you have “champagne” floating through your body. Don’t worry – it’s just oxygen. This treatment improves the immune system and detoxifies the body. Feel the stress melt from your body. This treatment helps you relax before a massage or helps your body detox after a massage. Whichever you choose, it is phenomenal.
20 min

Infusion Tub Therapy $70

Great for detox, stress, low immunity and general well-being. Your tub water is infused with nourishing seaweed, dead sea salt and aromatic essential oils for overall health and well-being. Your therapist will care for you during your treatment with an icy compress for your forehead to ensure a refreshing and relaxing experience.
20 min

Body Wraps

Kombu "Seaweed" Blankette $100

This seaweed body wrap will re-mineralize and detox the body. Very relaxing and excellent for stress-reduction, as well as various skin conditions such as dryness, rash and/or flaking.
60 min

Peloid "Mud" Blankette $100

Black silt (mud) is a curative organic mud originated from unpolluted protected forest reserves in Northern Europe. Results from a body wrap with our organic silt will result in improved skin metabolism, plumped skin layers, healthier blood and regeneration of the skin’s immune system. This curative mud is a carrier of energy, substance and information on a cellular level.
60 min


Korean Scrub $160

This scrub, inspired from a Korean Spa, restores vitality to the skin by first relaxing in a milk bath to soften the skin followed by a vigorous rub-down that will leave you feeling remarkably smooth and clean. The brisk massage will promote increased circulation, stimulate the lymph system and cleanse your skin as never before.
75 Min

Salt Glow $65

The salt glow makes the skin feel superb. Dead Sea salts mixed with algae extracts and essential oils to hydrate and exfoliate the body. Improves digestion, elimination, general body weakness and poor resistance to disease and infection; increases sluggish circulation. Get ready to glow.
20 Min

Himalayan Salt Scrub $75

Himalayan salt regulates water content throughout your body. It also promotes health pH balance in your cells and regulates blood sugar. This amazing treatment will leave your skin smooth and body rejuvenated.
30 Min

Sugar Scrub $65

Luxurious body oil mixed with granulated refined sugar and essential oils to exfoliate your skin, leaving a lasting glow.
20 Min